Cool Kite Flying How-To Videos

I was reading the “coreylama’s kite chi” blog the other day and came across an interesting post. Corey Jensen, owner of Wind Power Sports in Las Vegas, has put together some kite flying how-to videos. The videos are hosted on Expert Village and cover flying dual line, quad line power and preceision, as well as single line and a some… Read more →

Michael Moore UFO – Indoor Flying

For everyone on the kitebuilder forums … Russ Mozier shot this video on May 30, 2005 of Michael Moore competing in the indoor quad line competition at WIKF (Wildwood International Kite Festival). Michael is flying a Lee Sedgwick UFO as a quad with cool chop-stick handles. You can get a good view of the handles at around the 55 second… Read more →

TVO – Planet Parent kite segment

For all of the Ontario Kite clubs! Video from Gary Mark. This segment aired May 18th 2005 on TVO’s Planet Parent. The video was shot at the 2004 Kortright kite festival and features the Koch family along with Gary Mark and his family. Great comments and good tips for parents and volunteers. I particularly liked the creative use of bingo… Read more →

Crazy Kiters!!

Here is a video of a guy who that it was a good idea to try and jump with his kite. While kite jumping is pretty common (and unsafe) this guy takes it to a whole new level!! You have to watch to beleive.. Click here for the video—–> Kite jumper –Bill Read more →