The 9.8 Fighting Kite Brigade

Ok I am not 100% what to make of this.. Attaching razor blades and nails to “craptastic” plastic kites sounds fun.. errr… sorta. I always try and spread the word about safe kiting and that you can really hurt someone with a stunt like this; however, at the same time this appeals to me in a geeky way…(I am also… Read more →

KSwiss – Street Kiter

A reader posted a cool link to the KSwiss Street Kiter game… Kite surfing through the city streets! Check it out here… Oh and there is a video as well.. of Ruben Lenten actually trying to kite board in an urban setting… Go Ruben! Cheers, Bill Read more →

US Navy Target kite video

Kerry St. Dennis, a member of the Toronto Kite Fliers, started a discussion on the TKF Yahoo group about a Target Kite video that was on It’s pretty amazing to see these kites in action, the harness and reel setup is pretty interesting as well. The video was produced by the Bureau of Aeronautics of the American Army in… Read more →

Kite + Ice + Butt + Board

Found the latest installment of instructables tv on the Make blog today. It covers at least three different ways of ice kiting. A skateboard that you sit on that has been modified to have blades instead of wheels, a Polynesian ice canoe, and some skate style devices. The video is great, what better way to spend a winters afternoon then… Read more →