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Hmmm A kite that sleeps 3…

Check out this YouTube video of some folks in Quebec flying a tent like a kite.

I find the music particularly fitting… LOL.. “doo dee doo… History is made by stupid people.. da da da, da da da, dadadum”


Bestselling Book Sparks US Kite Fighting Craze – VOA News

VOA (voice of America) News has an interesting video and article on the popularity in the U.S.A of traditional kite fighting since the book “The Kite Runner” was released. In the article VOA indicates that kite fighting was first introduced to the US about 10 years ago. I find this hard to believe, and I am sure that it was earlier than that. Stories like this always help the kiting community and it’s nice to see, I hope it continues.

Broadband Real Player format

By George Dwyer
New York City, NY
25 January 2007

Throughout much of Asia, kite fighting has been a popular activity for generations. Now a bestselling novel by an Afghan-American author has stirred new interest in the sport in the United States. And as VOA’s Jim Bertel reports, kite fighting is more than just a sporting diversion, it is an important cultural touchstone for many South Asian immigrants in the U.S.

The skies over a park in New York City have been filled with kites in recent months.

On the ground, Afghan, Indian, Pakistani, and other South Asian devotees of “kite fighting” battle for supremacy of the skies. Bangladeshi Qaiser Khan says, “It is very special. I got this from my father, from my childhood. This is the only thing I (have) been doing since a very young age.”

Sheryar Choudhry, Director of the World Control Board of Kite Flying says kite fighting is a highly competitive sport, but it is also considered an art form across South Asia — a touchstone of shared experience.

“It’s not only a sport. It’s also a culture,” says Choudrhry. “It’s a very big part of Pakistan, Indian culture. And you know it keeps you basically in touch that you left home and you are here now but you know all the guys and families come out to the park and they fly kites. It is basically a way of staying in touch with your heritage.”

Introduced in the U.S. just over a decade ago, kite fighting has been on the ascent ever since. But with the 2004 publication of the novel “The Kite Runner” by Afghan-American author Khaled Hosseini, the sport has really taken off says kite fighter Rizwan Basit.

“No matter what, even if it’s windy, rainy, sunny, they are here Saturdays and Sundays flying kites. Firstly, we started twelve years ago. I was like one of the three people that were here (and) started this sport. Now we have a bunch of people.”

It takes two men to operate the kite. Mastery of the sky goes to the team whose kite line cuts the cord of its challenger, sending the defeated kite into a free-fall.

“It’s like winning a match. When two kites have a match together one of them is going to (be) cut. Whoever cuts the kite, he wins the match,” explains Arshad Butt.

These “experienced hands” know how to prepare their kite strings with powdered glass and glue to snap their opponent’s line. And they understand that winning takes patience, strategy, and some luck.

More than two years after its publication, “The Kite Runner” is still a hot seller. Hundreds turned out at a recent Washington DC book festival to have him sign copies of his books. In New York the sport of kite fighting is flying higher than ever.

Source : VOA News

US Navy Target kite video

Kerry St. Dennis, a member of the Toronto Kite Fliers, started a discussion on the TKF Yahoo group about a Target Kite video that was on

It’s pretty amazing to see these kites in action, the harness and reel setup is pretty interesting as well. :) The video was produced by the Bureau of Aeronautics of the American Army in 1945!

Others chimed in with links to better quality video.

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and the PDF manual including plans to build the kite


Kite + Ice + Butt + Board

Found the latest installment of instructables tv on the Make blog today. It covers at least three different ways of ice kiting. A skateboard that you sit on that has been modified to have blades instead of wheels, a Polynesian ice canoe, and some skate style devices. The video is great, what better way to spend a winters afternoon then skimming along a frozen lake with a skateboard strapped to your rear :) :)


Instructables : Kite + Ice + Butt + Board


found another video of the same gang on You Tube..

Beautiful kites in Guatemala

Here is a short video showing some of the amazing kites that are flown in Guatemala during the “day of the dead” celeberations.

Here is a link to the article I blogged

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last year about this same holiday…Kite flying: day of the dead

WTF! Kite Talking…

WTF Bizarre video

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of two slk inflatables talking to each other about a cookie…!

Cool Kite Flying How-To Videos

I was reading the “coreylama’s kite chi” blog the other day and came across an interesting post. Corey Jensen, owner of Wind Power Sports in Las Vegas, has put together some kite flying how-to videos. The videos are hosted on Expert Village and cover flying dual line, quad line power and preceision, as well as single line and a some video about Kite buggying as well.

Here is a sample…

Check them out…

Dual line kites
Kite Chi
Kite turns
Delta kites
How to attach lines
how to fly a delta dual line

Flying an ozone quad
Power kite tips
Flying power kites
Kite buggies
Revolution quad kites

Single line kite knot
flying dragon kites
Kite string winder
Winding kite line

Michael Moore UFO – Indoor Flying

For everyone on the kitebuilder forums

Russ Mozier shot this video on May 30, 2005 of Michael Moore competing in the indoor quad line competition at WIKF (Wildwood International Kite Festival). Michael is flying a Lee Sedgwick UFO as a quad with cool chop-stick handles. You can get a good view of the handles at around the 55 second mark. you can read the Rang-Thang thread on the kitebuilder forums here.

Click thumbnail to download

The video is about 9 mb and is in wmv (Windows Movie) format. Here is the DivX version of the file.


TVO – Planet Parent kite segment

For all of the Ontario Kite clubs! Video from Gary Mark.

This segment aired

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May 18th 2005 on TVO’s Planet Parent. The video was shot at the 2004 Kortright kite festival and features the Koch family along with Gary Mark and his family. Great comments and good tips for parents and volunteers. I particularly liked the creative use of bingo dobbers and stickers to build the kids kites :) :)

Two versions available: Quicktime format (.mov) 8.2 mb and Windows Movie (.wmv) 12.2 mb