The 9.8 Fighting Kite Brigade

Ok I am not 100% what to make of this.. Attaching razor blades and nails to “craptastic” plastic kites sounds fun.. errr… sorta. I always try and spread the word about safe kiting and that you can really hurt someone with a stunt like this; however, at the same time this appeals to me in a geeky way…(I am also… Read more →

K Swiss – Street Kiting Update

I recently received an email from K Swiss about a post I wrote earlier this year about their street kiting flash game. Here is a better copy of the Ruben Lenten street kiting video… Some pretty crazy stuff.. don’t try this at home kids… Ruben is an experienced kite surfer 🙂 Cheers! Bill Read more →

KSwiss – Street Kiter

A reader posted a cool link to the KSwiss Street Kiter game… Kite surfing through the city streets! Check it out here… Oh and there is a video as well.. of Ruben Lenten actually trying to kite board in an urban setting… Go Ruben! Cheers, Bill Read more →

US Navy Target kite video

Kerry St. Dennis, a member of the Toronto Kite Fliers, started a discussion on the TKF Yahoo group about a Target Kite video that was on It’s pretty amazing to see these kites in action, the harness and reel setup is pretty interesting as well. 🙂 The video was produced by the Bureau of Aeronautics of the American Army… Read more →

Kite + Ice + Butt + Board

Found the latest installment of instructables tv on the Make blog today. It covers at least three different ways of ice kiting. A skateboard that you sit on that has been modified to have blades instead of wheels, a Polynesian ice canoe, and some skate style devices. The video is great, what better way to spend a winters afternoon then… Read more →