US Navy Target kite video

Kerry St. Dennis, a member of the Toronto Kite Fliers, started a discussion on the TKF Yahoo group about a Target Kite video that was on It’s pretty amazing to see these kites in action, the harness and reel setup is pretty interesting as well. 🙂 The video was produced by the Bureau of Aeronautics of the American Army… Read more →

Synergetic Kites – An Interview With Thomas K. Horvath

Photo source: Hello all, Over the past couple of days I have had some great correspondence with the Synergetic kite creator Thomas K. Horvath. Thomas graciously agreed to answer some of questions about his inspiration and motivation to build these very cool kites. Steadywinds: Who is Thomas K. Horvath? Thomas:My parents came to Switzerland as refugees in the Hungarian… Read more →

Instructables – Kite related projects

If you haven’t had a chance to check out, stop reading and go check it out. It’s a great community based site that allows users to document things they have built using a simple step – by – step approach. Everything from flamethrowers to kite buggies. I have been planning on posting some how-to type information for specific types… Read more →

Kite Patents Blog

Kite Patent Blog Received an interesting link today from fellow kite blogger Adi Shavit. Adi has created a blog that lists and discusses kite patents. Some really nice patents here, everything from complex cellular kites to early two line designs.     Adi Shavit writes Historic kite patents are a freely available source of inspiration and ideas with their own… Read more →