“Le Virus” – online workshop

There is a new online trick kite workshop starting on the GWTW forums. The kite is called “Le Virus” and is designed by Christian Derefat. I decided that I wanted to build another sport kite to improve upon the skills I learned while making “The Orange”. The web site for Le Virus is always growing and changes are made quickly… Read more →

Iris – The little kite that could

Over the last couple of nights I have been building a new sport kite designed by Stan Kellar of California. The kite is the Iris, it stands about 9″ tall and about 15″ wide. Stan’s plans were a breeze to follow but it helps if you have some kite building experience before. For example Creating a mini adjustable dynamic-bridle out… Read more →

H.A.R.K. 98 Kite arch

In the early spring of this year I met Gary Mark of the Toronto Kite Fliers. We quickly hit it off and were conversing about all things kite related and in particular Gary’s efforts towards the CKF. During one of our conversations we got on the subject of kite arches and that the TKF had as a club aqquired a… Read more →

The Orange – My First Stunt Kite

This past winter I really wanted to try my hand a building a stunt kite. The best plans that I could find that really showed the building process were the plans for the Orange found at I will add more here laterbut for now here are some photos of the kite during the building process and a pic of… Read more →


Back in April of this year I started to discover fighter kites; specifically North American fighter kites. First here is a little background on North American Fighters. All fighter kites operate on the same premis when flying the kite the kite will travel in the direction the nose of the kite is pointed. When slack is given to the line… Read more →

Latest kite – Mini Mock Form

I finished a new kite on Wednesday. It’s a 20 sq ft Mini Mock form. The Mock Form was designed by Don Mock of the Pacific North West in the U.S. I used plans that I found on Pete Schmidts site . I used the drawings from Pete’s plan and created full size templates in visio. here is the completed… Read more →

Freedom 2000

Over my Christmas holiday of 2003 I decided I wanted to build a revolution style kite. I had seen a number of examples of custom Revolution 1.5 sails on the net and decided to hunt for a plan. After a quick search I found the Freedom 2000. Read more →

4 ft bol

Too help add to my line laundry/ground display and after seeing a few in action; I decided to build a 4 ft spinning bol. The plans I used for the bol are from Ed Hummel. The plans are pretty straight forward and the gores are easy to plot out given the sample drawing and plot points. I fly my bowl… Read more →