Bow Kite

A Rainer Hoffman Bow Kite I built in the spring of 2006

Rainer Hoffman – Bow Kite Part IV

It’s the Easter long weekend and it’s raining… Perfect kite making weather! Finally got back to the Bow Kite today, and managed to finish it. I still have a number of tweaks I want to do but essentially here is what I did. I “borrowed” some 3mm fiberglass from a 6 foot circoflex that I made in Dieppe last fall… Read more →

Rainer Hoffman – Bow Kite forum member “Erhan” posted a picture of a kite he made from plans published in the German magazine “Kites and Friends”. This kite is designed by Rainer Hoffman and is simply called the “Bow Kite”. Invento-HQ kites has licensed the design and is offering it for sale this season. Based on this website I have started to build a… Read more →