Kite Aerial Photography

RESL Wind Turbine

RESL Wind Turbine Originally uploaded by wdrwilson. Last week we noticed this huge new wind turbine being setup on the edge of route 333 in Halifax. I couldn’t get over the size of it and I thought it would be a perfect candidate for some aerial shots. So today I managed to get out to take some photos. The winds… Read more →

KAP Prince Edward Island Mustard Field

Prince Edward Island Mustard Field Originally uploaded by wdrwilson. I was on Prince Edward Island flying at the Summerside Lobster Carnival this week. While the kite fest was rained out on Thursday Scott Ferguson and I had a great day of Kite Aerial Photography on Friday. Driving along the highway from Badeque to Summerside I spotted this beautiful field. I… Read more →

World Wide Panorama – Water

Over at the Kite Aerial Photography blog Brooks Leffler has posted about the world wide Panorama that’s taking place over the summer solstice. If I can figure out how to take a panorama using my kap gear I will give it a shot. The theme this year is Water, so it should be pretty easy getting some shots with water… Read more →

Flickr, Geo Tagging and KAP

103_0543 Originally uploaded by wdrwilson. This is really cool… I’ve heard about flickr before but I didn’t realise that it’s tagging features were so awesome. Basically Flickr is an photo sharing site (like webshots, etc) but it’s built around communities. It allows you to upload photos to your own albums and then share them in other groups ,etc. Flickr also… Read more →

KAPing on the Dartmouth Waterfront

Sunday was a gorgeous day, 15 degrees, sunny and NO WIND… well at least in the morning. Around 1:00 O’Clock however the wind picked up and it was perfect for a KAP session. I headed to the Dartmouth waterfront near the ferry terminal. My goal was to get some low altitude shots of the ferry’s heading in and out of… Read more →

Peggy’s Cove Aerial Photos

Today Valerie and I went to Peggy’s Cove to take some aerial shots of the light house and surrounding area. I just purchased an adapater ring for my Kodak DX4330 Camera that will let me use 37 mm lenses. I have a .5x wide angle lens for my video camera and I decided I want to see how well it… Read more →

More Aerial Photos

The wind has finally started to cooperate so I got a chance to take some more aerial photos. My wife and I are building a new house and we wanted to get some aerial shots of our building lot as the construction progresses. This gallery from March 26th shows the lot with the trees cleared and the surrounding lakes. Today… Read more →

First Aerial Shots!!

Managed to get a few minutes of flying with the rig today… Very cold and the winds were gusty… I am very happy with my first attempt.. it was only about 10-15 minutes and I didn’t have a very good setup. i.e. nothing to stake the kite with etc, but overall I am happy! 🙂 more photos –Bill Read more →

BFKK – Finished

Today I started working on the assembly of Brooxes Finest Kap Kit (BFKK), and about 7 hours later I was done. Wow this rig was a breeze to build. I hope to take it out this week to get some real photos 😀 Here is the rig completed.. Here is a short video demonstrating pan, tilt, and shutter abilities. more… Read more →

BFKK Pan Servo modifications

I decided to take a break from the double star to attempt the electronics portion of the BFKK kit. Specifically the task involves modifiying a stock Futaba S3004 servo to provide 360 degree rotation. The regular servos have three things that prevent endless rotation. There are plastic tabs on the inner lid of the servo and a plastic block on… Read more →