Kite Aerial Photography

Steadywinds.com and Tall Ships 2007

We will be taking aerial photos later this week and into the weekend of the Tall Ships 2007 festival in Halifax. This years festival is shaping up to be a real jem, with some amazing ships and I have heard that the entertainment and activities this year will be second to none. We will be attempting to get lot’s of… Read more →

KAP Animation – A Good Day

Check out this awesome animation of a Kite Aerial Photogrpahy session called “A Good Day”. This animation was created by fellow KAPer David Hunt. Quote from David’s Website www.kaper.us A year in the making stealing little bits of time here and there. I hope you enjoy this somewhat romanticized view of KAPing complete with soundtrack by David Morihiro through www.soundclick.com.… Read more →

Rolling in the Mud

For the last few months I find that I spend more and more time over at flickr.com. I have been so happy with the service that I recently signed up for the pro account. Well worth the money IMHO. One of the most attractive things about this photo sharing service is the ability to easily share your photos with other… Read more →

PEI KAP weekend

Valerie and I had a little 2 day getaway to PEI this weekend. Now that our friends Scott and Linda live just outside Charlettetown it’s an even more appealing weekend retreat. Valerie and I arrived on Friday night so that we wouldn’t miss a minute of the wonderful weather that had been forecast. We woke up Saturday morning around 7:30… Read more →

Purdy’s Wharf

Purdy’s Wharf Originally uploaded by wdrwilson. Yesterday was another beautiful day and I decided to take some more KAP shots. So Pete, Greg and Alex (Greg’s 2 y.o. son) and I headed out for a few hours. I headed back to the RESL Wind Turbine site but didn’t get any really good pictures. Then we headed down to Purdy’s Wharf… Read more →