Kite headlines from around the world

Kite Fighting in Toronto –

An article appeared today on’s Scarborough Mirror. The article deals with the concern of some residents about kite fighting that takes place in near by Milliken Park. I have been aware of the kite fighting in Milliken Park for the past couple of years as the Toronto Kite Festival is held there each year. Around 5 or 6 O’Clock… Read more →

Kite Tube Claims Life

A link to this story was posted as a comment to an earlier post I made about the Kite Tube. Based on this story and a number of the comments to the last kite tube post it’s not safe! Please don’t take your life into your own hands with one of these. The constantly changing angle-of-attack, combined with weight shifts… Read more →

Kite Tube!?

Just reading the Toronto Kite Fliers mailing list today and someone posted a link to a bizarre “kite” that is towed behind a boat. It’s called the WEGO KITE TUBE produced by SPORTSSTUFF. So the idea is basically you convince some fearless individual to climb on top of this inflated disk, tear down the lake at top speed and with… Read more →

World’s largest kite flies in Tokyo

Modegi and his Mega Flag Well Modegi and his band of Japanse kite flyers have done it. They have successfully flown their custom made Peter Lynn Mega Flag (25m – 40m), see my earlier post for more information on the kite and Modegi. This short article from the Mainichi News says it all…. Enthusiasts fly the huge kite in Tokyo.Kite… Read more →

The Billings Outpost

Harold Ames’ kite A write up on the Lewis and Clark Kite exhibit in the Billings airport appeared in “The Billings Outpost” . It features a kite made by Harold “kitesquid” Ames featuring Thomas Jefferson. Harold is a regular poster on the forums, and has chronicled the building of his kite Read more →

Chinese kites stir up a storm

I found an interesting article today in India’s Buiness Standard news paper. The article discusses the impact and demand for Chinese made kites in India and it’s affect on the traditional kite market. It’s interesting to read how the local makers and retailers feel that the Chinese kites with cartoon characters are superior to the kites made in the traditional… Read more →


Finally a news item that doesn’t involve a kite surfer getting hurt or worse…. (PRLEAP.COM) Ft Lauderdale, FL, December 2, 2005 – Team Turbo, the only all women’s team of over 100 international kiteboarding athletes and their support crews, has converged on Fort Lauderdale, Florida this week in preparation for the 2005 Bahamas Kite Race Crossing. Conditions look favorable for… Read more →