Kite headlines from around the world

Buffalo News – Kiting the Mega Moon

LEWISTON – An enormous scuba diver in a black wet suit filled the sky above Reservoir State Park on Saturday to the delight of more than 5,000 visitors at the second annual Niagara International Kite Festival. Then the wind finally picked up, and the 400-pound Mega Moon, the largest kite in the world, slowly lifted into the cloudless blue sky.… Read more →

Update – Kite altitude record attempt grounded

Correction: I would like to point out that there is an error in the report below. Richard Synergy’s broke the altitude record in 2000 not in 1995. The FAA have stopped Richard Crawford’s attempt at breaking the world kite altitude record. the NPTelegraph writes, click here for the whole story CALLAWAY – Just days before Richard Crawford was to attempt… Read more → – Kite tubes pulled from market

Here is the latest article from the Canadian Press about the kite tube and the recall. – Kite tubes pulled from market There are some important things to note for Canadian kite tube owners. 1) SportsStuff has confirmed that the recall affects Canada and 2) Transport Canada is investigating the kite tube. A spokesman for Sportsstuff confirmed the recall… Read more →

Kite Tube Action Shot!

Josh Banks of Banks Photos sent me this picture a few days ago. Photo by Josh Banks click for larger image Here is what Josh has to say about the photo… This photo was taken from our boathouse in Chetek, Wisconsin on July 4,2006. I was walking down to the boathouse with my camera and saw this guy on… Read more →