Kite headlines from around the world

Long flight for Birdwoman kite (The Dominion Post) has a quick article on Suzanne Tamaki’s kite “Manu Wahine” which means “Bird Woman”. The kite will be displayed in the British museum together with the oldest known traditional Maori kite, which is the male counter part to Tamaki’s kite. You can read the complete article here..Long flight for Birdwoman kite – Photo Source :… Read more →

Punjab province lifts kite flying ban

Photo source: Daily Times After a few weeks of rumors it looks like Punjab province in Pakistan has temporarily lifted the ban on kite flying for the Basant festival. This is bitter sweet, as I am sure some disrespectful fliers will still use chemical, glass or metal kite line and someone will likely get hurt. On the other hand kite… Read more →

KiteGen Project

Found an interesting article on today about another project aimed at using kites to generate electricity. This concept is more of a merry-go-round with large kites tethered to spokes. Some prelminary trials have been done and a small test showed that it was possible to produce energy using this design. A team has been assembled and they will begin… Read more →

U2 kite fetches high price on TradeMe

Really cool story from the New Zealand Herald about two U2 fans that raised twelve hundred and thirty dollars for OxFam by auctioning off a kite that Bono had released over the crowd at a concert. New Zealand Herald Wrote 6.00pm Tuesday December 5, 2006 A kite released by U2’s lead singer Bono during one of the band’s Auckland concerts… Read more →

Airport Closed due to mystery kite

China Daily has a story about a kite stopping air traffic at an airport in China. Hmmm I am curious why they just didn’t go out and cut it out of the sky… very very expensive kite 🙂 Airport closed due to mystery kite (China Daily) Updated: 2006-10-24 08:48 A kite forced the closure of Zhanjiang International Airport for half… Read more →