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Creating a Niche For Your Business without Language Barriers

Language, trend and branding have never been a major issue in doing business across the globe. Extracting meaningful information and communicating it across the levels is one of the main aspects followed by global organizations to increase their visibility and growth. Just as culture and traditions can never be a barrier in doing successful business, language does not serve as an obstruction in the growth of any business. To extract information an organization would require following certain methodologies and technologies. 

Speaking of branding and language, there is no certain barrier that can differentiate the services and products of companies belonging to the same genre. Online gaming sites are one of the fast growing industries on the Internet. Each gaming site has players across the globe. Hence, most online gamine sites, especially online casinos, are trying out different options to break the language barrier.

Several online casinos give you an option to select the language in which you want to view the site. There are software which translates all the contents in the site, including the rules, instructions, payment agreements, and customer support in different languages. Making the online gaming sites available in different languages enables the promoters to attract more and diverse customers.

There are even professional agencies that provide translation services. These services are usually approached by online gaming sites. They help to translate or localize the online gaming site, translate bookings, orders, and even verify customer ID information, if it is provided in a different language. They offer 24/7 services and also provide free post-translation linguistic support whenever required.

Breaking the language barrier becomes inevitable when online sites are trying to attract certain particular market segments. For instance, not all players from Japan might be fluent in English. Hence, it is important for sites to be available in different languages.Get to know more on online lottery gaming at such as la primitiva lottery.

How To Make Stunt Kites

The art of making stunt kites is not known and handled by many. If you are interested in learning how to make your very own stunt kite, these next few lines should help you out. First of all, know that a stunt kite is a special type of a kite that is able to steer right and left with the help of at least two lines. Once you have built your stunt kite, you can perform several moves with it, including flic flacs, axels, or cascades, to name just a few. Also, remember there are several styles you could embrace when creating your own stunt kite. Below you will find some useful tips on how to build a basic stunt kite which you can later on improve.


Design The Stunt Kite First

Use a pen and a piece of paper and design the kite first. Pick the proper gravity center and hence establish the flight pattern of the kite. You could project the gravity center behind the lower spreader if you do not have a great deal of experience flying kites. You can choose to place the center of gravity in front of the lower spreader in case you can call yourself a more advanced kite pilot. The choice is ultimately yours, so make sure you carefully study your options and make your final call once you are ready. Select the right position of the bridle and make sure you carefully direct the flight direction of the kite. You will also be able to design the type of spars you are going to need when building the stunt kite.

Once you are ready with the actual drawing and design of the kite, get all the materials you need. Focus on purchasing high quality materials if possible and consider all the factors that need to be blended in the actuation of building a stunt kite. Take into consideration the possibility of seeing your kite crash into something, and get the sturdiest materials you can.


How To Effectively Build Your Stunt Kite

Start by cutting the sail using your previously completed design and use the necessary spars so you can reinforce the tension of the sail. Use a zig-zag model to saw the sail, then sew the edges but leave plenty of space for any needed spars. Cut holes for the bridle and the spars and attach the spine pocket. Next, reinforce the nose as it will place the most of the strain on the respective pocket. Cut the spars to the right size and install the caps and the outer spar tip nock, along with the T-connectors and the spine and outer spars. Insert the connectors into the lower spars and create the bridle, and finally have the spreaders installed.

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US Military Hires Kite Ship has an article about the US military hiring the Kite Ship “Beluga SkySails ” to transport Military equipment from Europe.

Basically it saves them a huge amount of money by reducing fuel consumption. Although not the primary motivator, the fact that the ship uses innovations to reduce costs was a factor in the Military’s decision. Cuts costs, it’s better for our enviornment, and it has a huge ass kite! What more could you want.

See the complete press release on

Niagara Day 1- Kite-flying icons to abound

Niagara gets off to a good start.. we have some rain today but hopefully it will clear up for the weekend…

Buffalo News – Kite-flying icons to abound

2007 festival opens three-day stand in Niagara Falls today
Updated: 09/27/07 7:06 AM

NIAGARA FALLS — An 82-yearold man who holds multiple world records for kite flying — one for flying three kites while standing in the back of a moving convertible — will take part in the 2007 Niagara International Kite Festival this weekend.

And Ray Bethell, a kite flying icon who has won numerous awards all over the world as a master kite flier, is the person who will give the festival its international flavor as it takes off today for a four-day run along the Niagara Gorge.

The event starts today in Niagara Falls State Park and moves to Reservoir State Park in Lewiston.

Bethell, who lives in Vancouver, B.C., started sport kite flying in 1980. For many years he flew in team competitions with the Vancouver High Flyers, often placing first, second or third in North American competitions.

He is the holder of 11 world multiple kite records.

“One of the very special [efforts] to me was flying three full-size sport kites . . . simultaneously standing in the back of a red convertible down the main street of Long Beach, Wash., with a police escort with hundreds and hundreds of spectators that lined the sidewalks including the mayor, chief of police and the fire chief,” Bethell wrote in an e-mail.

Bethell was inducted into the World Kite Hall of Fame in Long Beach three years ago, and is among about 40 people who have been honored for kite building, promoting and flying.

“It pleases me that I have been given the opportunity to share my love of kite flying to the people of Niagara along with so many other kite fliers that have come from every part of this planet,” Bethell wrote The News.

The theme for this year’s Niagara International Kite Festival is “Con-

necting the Past, Present, and Future with a Kite String.”

Some of the festival’s highlights include a ceremony from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and Friday. The event will take place somewhere along the gorge in Niagara Falls State Park and the exact location will be determined by the weather and the wind speed each day.

A kite made of organic materials will be “sacrificed” to the cascades in hopes of appeasing the wind and weather gods today and Friday. Actors also will display a Homan Walsh 1848 re-enactment contest, trying to connect a string of kites across the Niagara River between Prospect Point on the U.S. side and Victoria Park, in Niagara Falls, Ont. This is how construction started on the first suspension bridge across the river.

Ted Shaw, a director of the Great Lakes Kitefliers Society of Western New York, said he will be flying kites at the event.

“I just enjoy seeing all the color in the air, all the shapes,” Shaw said. “It’s amazing to me to be able to fly all the kites in the same area.”

Shaw spends a few hundred dollars a year on his kite passion.

Kate Scaglione, director of marketing and communications for the Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp., said people of all ages will have the opportunity to make kites in free workshops. She also said the festival will go on, even if it rains. “These kite fliers are so into what they’re doing that it doesn’t seem to bother them in the least.”

On Saturday and Sunday, the festival moves to Reservoir State Park. There will be kites of all descriptions — large inflatable show kites, artistic kites, sport kites, historical kites, indoor kites and fighter kites.

Activities run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. There will be kite making workshops from 1 to 3 p.m. both days.

Events include a discussion on kite history and exhibitions on kite aerial photography, miniature kites and kite stamps, and demonstrations of kite buggying and kite mountain boarding are scheduled for both days. For information on these activities and more, go to

Kite Aerial Photography of India…

The BBC has provided some excellent KAP photos of India. The photos were taken by Nicolas Chorier, details of his rig and photos are below.

Nicolas Chorier is a Frenchman who specialises in “kite photography”. This image of the Jama Masjid in Delhi appears in a new book, Kite’s Eye View: India Between Earth and Sky, published by Roli Books.

Chorier makes 40-sq-foot kites from siliconised nylon and carbon or fibreglass rods. The camera sits in a cradle on a line beneath the kite, and can be raised to 1,000ft (300m). Chorier says lower altitudes are “more interesting”.

Chorier uses a Canon 5D camera and the whole rig can weigh about 2kg, with lens and extra battery. The camera cradle operates by remote control and can achieve a 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt.

Chorier uses an air-to-ground video link to provide real-time monitoring on a portable TV for accurate framing. “Once I feel my kite flying nicely, I rig up my camera on the line about 100 feet below the kite.”

Kite and camera can then be flown up to the required height. Chorier carries the remote control on his shoulder and the video monitor around his neck. He walks and raises and lowers the kite for shooting angles.

“Sometimes the kite comes down, but as the sail of the kite is big, it parachutes or glides down slowly. I have lost one camera, dropping it in the Yamuna river behind the Taj Mahal,” says Chorier.

“I have shot thousands of pictures above India. I love India, its sounds, smells, colours, people. Shooting India is so rewarding to my senses,” Chorier says.

Digital Media Expert

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The Best Candidates Who Can Play Online Slots


If you are interested in knowing who are the best so-called “candidates” for playing slots online, you have probably never played the game before and you are not really sure what playing online slots actually involves. We are going to mention the existence of the slot machines that have been around for more than a century and which have successfully led to the invention of online slot machines that are currently to be found within the walls of all reputable or less popular online casinos. You must have at least seen these machines nicely aligned inside a casino or during a movie related to casinos, and you must have heard of people having slot gambling addictions.

Things You Need

If you have heard more positive stuff as compared to “bad” stuff related to online slots, you might be looking forward to knowing more on the game and deciding whether it is a good idea to be joining hands with the rest of slot players out there. As long as you own a computer or a mobile connected to WiFi and you have a bank account, a credit or debit card or some PayPal or Neteller related depositing options at hand, you could make for some excellent candidates for playing the game. Plus, if you are looking forward to either coming across some additional hobbies or you are more interested in having fun and earning some money at the same time, slots online also make for your perfect choice. Check out an Australia online casino if you live in Australia and discover those pokies you are mad about.

Slots Online: Handling All The Games

Opting for simple or progressive, 3D, video or the more classic types of slots online could be a matter of personal taste. Nevertheless, you should get to visit several casinos offering a diversified display of slot games, check out the bonuses they are offering, get to lay your hands on some 200% up to $500 matches and make the most out of these games. Professional slot machines players recommend novices to focus on opting for simple machines and staying away from progressive slots online. Their explanation is quite reasonable, as these progressive machines are going to imply some higher stakes and also the use of larger bankroll. If you are just starting to get acquainted with these machines, it is not at all advisable to be trying to lay your hands on those progressive games.


3D Varieties


Also, try to focus on finding some slots online that are going to enable you to enjoy some superb graphics (maybe choose the 3D versions of the games by downloading them or using the “instant play” alternative) and also get to enjoy some powerful sounds that are going to be creating some amazing atmospheres drenching in excitement and fantasy. Free extra rounds should also be making you more drawn to one game in the detriment of another one, and as long as you also have the choice of playing slots online for free, you should go ahead and select a place that can provide you with just that. Check out some casino reviews here and find out what sort of free slot games you could be playing there.

Remember that it is your indisputable right to be picky when it comes to choosing one slots online game or the other one, as there is a wide range of games to choose form in the first place.  


Buteo Huang – Kite designs convey aspirations

Photo source:

Here is an interesting article about Buteo Huang, his love of kites and his passion for designing them.

I had heard of Buteo Huang a few years ago when he competed at the AKA convention, If I recall correctly he took home a few trophies :) . His kites were definitely beautiful and very unique. One of Buteo’s kites, “Starbird”, was featured in the “Stranger in a Strange Land” episode of the TV show LOST. I hadn’t really heard of him again until recently when I purchased a Buteo Huang Chinese Opera mask kite that is being produced by New Tech Kites. It’s a wonderful piece and it’s one of six in the series of Opera masks. He produces some wonderful kites, if you can you should try and pick one up for your collection.. worth every penny.

more information about Buteo Huang can be found here…
Buteo Hang’s Blog
For master kitemaker Buteo Huang, the sky’s the limit
New Tech Kites Buteo Huang site
Buddy TV – LOST

An interesting video posted on Buteo’s website is here

Article from the Taiwan Journal

Publication Date:09/21/2007 Section:Arts and Culture
By Sandra Shih

Entering the front gate to the artist’s studio, the first thing that came into sight was the pieces of an oval kite hanging above a small pond. The kite was decorated with brown and black circles, similar to the rings on the trunks of old trees. Together with the green plants and sound from the waterfall, the setting was like a hidden forest. This was the studio of Buteo Huang, a kite designer. He had turned his home into a studio to pursue his childhood dream.

Huang called the kite “Disappearing Forest,” which was one of the many that he designed and added to his collection. He said that many people looked at his works in museums or indoor displays, commenting that they were not extraordinary and regarding them as installation art. “Everything you see here can actually fly. That’s why it is a kite, not an installation,” Huang said Sept. 7. Seeing a kite flying in the air was normal, but making a flat piece of paper ascend to the sky could take him months at a time. “Flying is the fundamental desire of human beings,” he claimed. “What I do satisfies this innate need.”
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