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RESL Wind Turbine

RESL Wind Turbine

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Last week we noticed this huge new wind turbine being setup on the edge of route 333 in Halifax. I couldn’t get over the size of it and I thought it would be a perfect candidate for some aerial shots.

So today I managed to get out to take some photos. The winds were good but not quite enough to get the rig higher than about 100-150 ft off the ground. (time to make a Maxi-Dopero). This is the only really decent shot I was able to get in my two attempts to photograph the turbine. I like this shot as the clouds are particularly interesting and you still get a sense of scale (not enough IMHO).

RESL has 3 more turbines lined up and ready to go in different parts of Nova Scotia. This particular turbine will generate enough energy to power 250 homes. Gotta love the wind!!!



Bizarre thing happened to me today…

I was reading a site that lists jokes, and funny incidents caught on video. On this site one of the posts read “Cool Kites”. So of course

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I clicked on it and I found two of my kites right at the top… pretty cool :)


Dom Mee to cross the Atlantic in kite powered boat

Dom Mee will be making a 3500 mile trip across the Atlantic ocean starting in mid August. The journey will start right here in the maritimes, in St. Johns, Newfoundland. It will take Dom Mee approximately 35 to 75 days to complete the 3500 mile journey to Exmouth, Devon. The vessel is a 14 ft purpose built sea-going kite boat loaded with all the latest satellite and navigation gear. Dom will have internet access and will be posting progress reports on his KiteQuest blog

Dom Mee's kite boat

Good luck DM!

I created this picture using Google earth, very cool :)

Pass the butter please….

Wooo hoooo!

While surfing the GWTW forums swap meet I saw a Premier Kites – Rolf Zimmerman Lobster for sale. :D :D I have wanted one of these awesome kites since I first saw it in the catalog last year. I had an opportunity to see one fly at last years Toronto Kite Fest (thanks to Gary Mark) and now one of them was within reach! The price tag was reasonable for an almost new kite and the gentlemen selling it was very helpful in finding the best solution for shipping to Canada. (thanks Ray)

Today it arrived! I went to the post office, picked up the package and immediately went to my local flying field. Within 20 minutes the Lobster was up and swimming freely in the sky with my Sutton 30 as it’s pilot! What a cool kite, I was surprised how easy it was to fly, as I heard that it was a little tricky… (hey who’s complaining)

one happy lobster (click for more pictures)

I am headed to Parsborro, NS this weekend for the Paragliding festival and this is sure to be hit!

Wooo hoo,
(can you tell I am excited)

Peggy’s Cove Aerial Photos

Today Valerie and I went to Peggy’s Cove to take some aerial shots of the light house and surrounding area. I just purchased an adapater ring for my Kodak DX4330 Camera that will let me use 37 mm lenses. I have a .5x wide angle lens for my video camera and I decided I want to see how well it will do in a KAP enviornment.

The results are “OK” I plan on making another trip soon to get some better shots (with and without the wide angle lens).. :D

click for more pictures


Halifax Citadel Fun Fly

When: Saturday, May 14 2005
Where: Citadel Hill – Halifax
My Role: Organizer
Bring your kite and join us on Citadel Hill for the Halifax Area Recreational Kiters 2nd Annual Fun Fly. The all day event will showcase some of the top kite builders in the Maritimes. See some of the kites at here and here.

Photos from last year’s Fun Fly can be found here


Photos from last year’s Fun Fly can be found <a href=”″>here</a>

Cheers, Bill

229 kites fill sky

Quote from the Halifax Herald, Friday September 3, 1999

Upper Kingsburg – The sky over a Lunenburg County beach was filled with every colour of the rainbow and then some on Thursday as 229 kites caught the breeze in memory of those who died on Swissair Flight 111 a year ago.

Kites In Memory was literally a dream come true for Martine Vermeulen, who last winter dreamed of the very scene that unfolded before her eyes at Hirtles Beach.

read the complete story here: “229 kites fill sky”


Dal Kap Project

During the 2003-2004 semesters at Dalhousie university 4 undergraduate engineering students were looking for an inexpensive way to take aerial photographs. After some scientific/cost analysis of the different options they decided that using a kite would be the best way to accomplish this task. There is more information on the students web site here.

The teams aerial photos are beautiful!
In March of 2004 the engineers had their rig and kite (a maxi-dopero) finished. Here are some shots of the team with their rig and kite…