HQ Multiple Kite System

MKS-KiteSystem 001 Originally uploaded by wdrwilson. Recently Steve Ferrel at the Kite Studio added Auctions to the forums. The original idea came from some posts about Dave Ellis and his attempts to auction kites for charity on eBay. I think there were some issues surrounding eBay’s policies dealing with charities. So Steve worked very hard over the next few… Read more →

Thames & Kosmos Kite Dynamics

Found this really cool kite building kit today. Looks like you can make a ton of different cellular designs, and also appears fairly well built and thought out. I can’t believe that I haven’t found this earlier, I think I will have to buy it just to have it in the collection 🙂 Plus it looks like a lot of… Read more →

Peter Lynn Kites – Red Letter Day

Just finished reading Peter Lynn’s latest installment of his new letter. He alludes to some exciting changes coming for traction kites of all styles. Something truly new perhaps? Something that will revolutionize traction kiting? Perhaps, but according to Peter’s letter it will be some time before we see all these new innovations hit the market. And now to the main… Read more →

Pass the butter please….

Wooo hoooo! While surfing the GWTW forums swap meet I saw a Premier Kites – Rolf Zimmerman Lobster for sale. 😀 😀 I have wanted one of these awesome kites since I first saw it in the catalog last year. I had an opportunity to see one fly at last years Toronto Kite Fest (thanks to Gary Mark) and now… Read more →


Hi, My name is Bill and welcome to  Here you will find photos, videos and other information about all things related to kites! People are always surprised when I tell them that I fly kites and even more surprised when I say that I also build them. On the rare occasion I get the opportunity to place the line… Read more →

Crazy Eddy

If you haven’t read about “crazy eddy” before you should check it out on (2nd article here) and the forums. Terry Thillman of Calgary Alberta wanted to build an arch using the crazy quilting method of pieceing scraps together. Read more →