Mazda Hakaze – Kite surfing concept car..

Check out the new Mazda catering to the kite surfing crowd…. from 2007 Mazda Hakaze Concept – Kite-Surfing Functionality Kite-surfers are “wind chasers.” They get up in the morning, switch on their computer and search for the right wind conditions on the Internet for the best place to surf, call their friends, grab their gear and go. Mazda Hakaze… Read more →

KSwiss – Street Kiter

A reader posted a cool link to the KSwiss Street Kiter game… Kite surfing through the city streets! Check it out here… Oh and there is a video as well.. of Ruben Lenten actually trying to kite board in an urban setting… Go Ruben! Cheers, Bill Read more →

Synergetic Kites – An Interview With Thomas K. Horvath

Photo source: Hello all, Over the past couple of days I have had some great correspondence with the Synergetic kite creator Thomas K. Horvath. Thomas graciously agreed to answer some of questions about his inspiration and motivation to build these very cool kites. Steadywinds: Who is Thomas K. Horvath? Thomas:My parents came to Switzerland as refugees in the Hungarian… Read more →