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Florida Surfrider Chapter

If you are interested in learning how you could possibly bring your contribution to the salvation and proactive protection of the waters, waves, and beaches in the Florida region. We encourage you to visit our web site. The Florida Chapter is an important part of the global Surfrider Foundation which has been fighting against ocean pollution and the destruction of the weaves and beaches for close to three decades now. Learn how to actively donate and get involved in a noble activity today! And if you need a break from all the research, check out a few words on the game of online blackjack.   

Rules Of The Game

Blackjack game assembles a sequence of cards to make Blackjack combination or to get the amount of points which will be the highest but at the same time which will be less than twenty-one. In blackjack the dealer uses a deck of 52 cards. Starting a new distribution, the dealer changes the old deck into a new one. The players can play in one box or go to the game and play a scale in several boxes. Then they gain points as follows: simple cards of two, three, four, etc. are estimated as two points, three points, four points, etc., all the image cards as Jack, Queen and King are estimated as 10 points, Aces bring 11 points.


According to this rule if the player gets an Ace and a simple card, an ace brings 11 points plus you get the simple card points number. This card combination is called “soft hand”. For example,  you get ace and three and your cards total number is 14. Ace can go for one point in a combination of cards a player calls a “hard” one. Ace+three+eight will be regarded as a “Hard 12″. Before the cards are handed out to the players, one defines the size of the stakes and makes it into his box. Usually all of these simple operations are done with the help of mouse and left button. Each table sets limit rates, ie range (maximum and minimum size), this limit your every box and table. The player sitting to the right from you is to cancel your bid. Check out the type of blackjack games you could be playing at plazawin casino today and put these rules to practice.


What Next?


So, the blackjack game is started. Each player gets two cards. And all the cards are dealt face up. If a player gets blackjack at once when being dealt two cards Blackjack dealer announces about it to the box.

Different casinos have various blackjack rules.  The player knows the cards of the dealer, so he has a great advantage, because the rules of the game has a number of modifiers for the equation of the game. If both a player and a dealer have blackjack winning combination the bet is paid as 1:1.


Final Words


It’s not recommended to surrender and make an insurance – in that case a dealer has an advantage for the same points. Visit here and find out which is the status of their blackjack insurance options.

If the dealer gets blackjack combination the game immediately comes to an end. If the player has Blackjack, he is paid 1:1 and all the other bets of the player lose. If the dealer does not have Blackjack the move goes to the first box and the player makes a decision on his further action.


Rokkaku’s in Baddeck

SilverDartKiteWorkshop-day3Iphone-2 We had a great time building Rokkaku kites in Baddeck last month! I met some wonderful people and I learned a lot! The room was full of all skill levels, but I am pretty sure no one had built a kite before, so everyone was being introduced to the strange world of spinnaker nylon, dacron and adhesives. It was a bit of culture shock for some of the quilters I think! :) SilverDartKiteWorkshop-5

Day one started with everyone cutting the fabric and sewing the main sail together. The rest of the day and most of day 2 was spent on applique. A lot of great unique designs and approaches came out of this process. The latter part of day 2 was spent adding reinforcements, pockets, and framing.

By Saturday morning we had almost all the kites in the air at Beinn Bhreagh. The winds proved a bit too much for us so we decided to pack it in and head up to the “Kite House” for a great spread of meats, cheeses, salads and sweets. Thanks to Jeanne and Hugh Muller for hosting us, it was great way to cap off an excellent few days in Baddeck.

Special thanks to Scott Ferguson for stepping in as an instructor, your help was greatly appreciated! A big thank you to Sharon Morrow for organizing and hosting this event, and of course thanks to Anne Morrell, fabric artist extraordinaire and my partner in this workshop! Hopefully we will put on another workshop next year.

SilverDartKiteWorkshop-14 SilverDartKiteWorkshop-day3Iphone-7

I posted a ton of pictures on Flickr including pics of all of the finished kites flying…

SilverDartKiteWorkshop-22 SilverDartKiteWorkshop-21 SilverDartKiteWorkshop-20 SilverDartKiteWorkshop-19 SilverDartKiteWorkshop-18 SilverDartKiteWorkshop-17

Saint Honore Kite Festival 2009

Saint Honore 2009 Day1-1

Originally uploaded by wdrwilson.

Saint Honore was fantastic! The people are wonderful and put up with my non existent french skills. Friday was fantastic with near perfect winds. Saturday brought strong winds up to 50 km/h, but that didn’t stop AWITA from flying (and ripping) their PL giant inflatables. Sunday was light wind but was flyable almost all day!

This picture was taken on the road to the B&B we stayed at, a wonderful view of the airport where we were flying. I have never flown kites at a working airport before… we even had a visit from a CF-18, that was pretty incredible. I will post more pictures later, right now we are on the ferry between St. Simeon(sp?) and Riviere-du-loop.

India International Kite Festival 2009

Kite Stack

Originally uploaded by Meanest Indian.

Looks like the International Kite Festival held in India this past weekend was a big success. Over 31 Countries represented.

Check out the for some great photos and some more links to past events.

Even some great shots of good friend Cliff Quinn with his amazing double start facet kite.

Lot’s of great pictures on flickr, try searching for Ahmedabad Kite Festival. That search turned up the picture in this post which is from one of my favorite photographers on Flickr.

Fled Mark III – First Flight

Fled MKIII -2

Originally uploaded by wdrwilson.

Managed to get out at lunch today to get a few pictures of my newly constructed Fled MK III. I am working with Steve Ferrel from the forums to put together an online Fled kite building workshop.

This kite is scaled up from the original slightly to more easily handle the 32.5 inch spars that I use. I chose white as I will be primarily using this as a kite for Kite Aerial Photography. It should make a nice, hopefully not so distracting, platform for taking photos.

Thanks to Brooks Leffler for putting the plans together…

Custom Ozone Kite Build pic of a custom kite for Dwarf8 pic of a custom kite for Dwarf8

This is a really cool series of photos showing what it takes to build a custom kite-surfing kite.

Here is an example from a fantastic natural refresher drink called Dwarf8, from Switzerland but based in the kite mecca of Europe, Tarifa, where best to have a custom kite? They ordered an 11m Sport 2 in all white sail with the logo sewn on.

KAP – Boondock’s Tables – Fisherman’s Cove Dartmouth, NS

Fellow KAPper Rob Huntley from Ottawa and I spent Sunday KAPping around the Halifax area. We had good sessions at Fisherman’s Cove in Eastern Passage, NS and Peggy’s Cove. The wind was light at the dock’s but it quite happily lifted my 6 ft Rok with my 1+ pound rig. The winds at Peggy’s Cove were perfect, probably around 15 km/h, and off shore.

This is one of the shots fomr Fisherman’s Cove, it’s the picnic tables, and baord walk at Boondock’s restaurant.

There are more on my photo stream at Flickr, and of course you can see more KAP photos on the Flickr Kite Aerial Photography group.