Custom Ozone Kite Build

This is a really cool series of photos showing what it takes to build a custom kite-surfing kite. Here is an example from a fantastic natural refresher drink called Dwarf8, from Switzerland but based in the kite mecca of Europe, Tarifa, where best to have a custom kite? They ordered an 11m Sport 2 in all white sail with… Read more →

KSwiss – Street Kiter

A reader posted a cool link to the KSwiss Street Kiter game… Kite surfing through the city streets! Check it out here… Oh and there is a video as well.. of Ruben Lenten actually trying to kite board in an urban setting… Go Ruben! Cheers, Bill Read more →

Synergetic Kites – An Interview With Thomas K. Horvath

Photo source: Hello all, Over the past couple of days I have had some great correspondence with the Synergetic kite creator Thomas K. Horvath. Thomas graciously agreed to answer some of questions about his inspiration and motivation to build these very cool kites. Steadywinds: Who is Thomas K. Horvath? Thomas:My parents came to Switzerland as refugees in the Hungarian… Read more →

Flickr albums added

Found this great plugin called “Flickr Photo Album for WordPress” from Silas Partners and written by Joe Tan ( It’s fantastic! It allows me to embed my flickr sets, photos, flickr groups, etc on my site with the same look and feel of the rest of This is what I was hunting for when I first started this blog… Read more →

Brazil : Kite Fighting

Back in October of this year I came across an article from talking about kite fighting. In the article the author, Laurie, stated the following. “As I have never seen kite fighting in the United States, I am wondering if this is a phenomenon unique to Brazil? Perhaps a “Gringoes” reader will know the answer to this!” Of course… Read more →