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Instructables – Kite related projects

If you haven’t had a chance to check out, stop reading and go check it out. It’s a great community based site that allows users to document things they have built using a simple step – by – step approach. Everything from flamethrowers to kite buggies. I have been planning on posting some how-to type information for specific types of kite building for a while. Maybe I will get a chance to do that over the holidays (ya right :))

Anyhow.. on with the show..

After my post yesterday regarding the ice butt boarding I started digging around for other kite related instructables and came across these gems…

Kite Powered Land Proa by aerohydro

Another from our butt boarding friends…

Traditional Polynesian Ice Canoe (Ice Proa) by ewhilhelm

And some fun for the kids over the holidays…

Paper Kite by intoon

There are a lot of instructables with the word kite on them… just have a quick search and you will see what I mean. Some of them are just surfplan postings and don’t have much instructional value at all… your mileage may vary…

Happy Holidays!


Kite + Ice + Butt + Board

Found the latest installment of instructables tv on the Make blog today. It covers at least three different ways of ice kiting. A skateboard that you sit on that has been modified to have blades instead of wheels, a Polynesian ice canoe, and some skate style devices. The video is great, what better way to spend a winters afternoon then skimming along a frozen lake with a skateboard strapped to your rear :) :)


Instructables : Kite + Ice + Butt + Board


found another video of the same gang on You Tube..

KAP Animation – A Good Day

Check out this awesome animation of a Kite Aerial Photogrpahy session called “A Good Day”. This animation was created by fellow KAPer David Hunt.

Quote from David’s Website


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year in the making stealing little bits of time here and there. I hope you enjoy this somewhat romanticized view of KAPing complete with soundtrack by David Morihiro through (runtime 2:50)

Watch the animation here: A Good Day


Thames & Kosmos Kite Dynamics

Found this really cool kite building kit today. Looks like you can make a ton of different cellular designs, and also appears fairly well built and thought out. I can’t believe that I haven’t found this earlier, I think I will have to buy it just to have it in the collection :) Plus it looks like a lot of fun, even if you don’t fly them you could hang them. They would look good next to the other kites flying in my office :)

Here are some of the kites you can build

More information can be found on the Thames and Kosmos website. here –> Kite Dynamics

Dieppe Circoflex Workshop – Update

Well Saturday started very early! Up at 5:00 am out the door by 5:30 and starting my 2.5 hour trek to Dieppe, NB. I arrived just after 8:00 am and the Rotary Park club house was buzzing with excited kite builders. It was nice to see everyone again and of course we had some new faces which is always a bonus. All the usual suspects were there I won’t attempt to name everyone because I am sure I will get some names wrong:(. The workshop venue provides a lot of light, plenty of room and a cozy fire place too :) After a little socializing and some breakfast it was time to get down to work. The project of the day was to build a 6 foot Circoflex based on Gary Engvall’s plans. Bernie and Peggy worked tirelessly to create all of the kits and modifications. Bernie even went so far as to build a bag for each kite! The main difference from the plan that Gary provides is the type and number of spars. In the workshop kite we used a continuous piece of fiberglass and in the plan it calls for 5 carbon rods. Using the one piece more flexible spar allows the kite to twist into 4 circles and is stored in a 24″ square bag. So in theory you show up at the field and you pull the circoflex out of it’s hand pouch and voila you are ready to fly! Everyone worked very hard and there was plenty of laughter and happy faces. For some this was their first kite building experience ever and it seemed to go very well from them; great.. They’ll be back for sure. By around 5:00 pm everyone was either finished or just had the bridle left to do, and of course there was no wind for our test flight but that never stops a real kite builder ;)

Great turn out, great people, great kite!!

Thanks to the Dieppe Club for having me and a special thanks to Bernie and Peggy for putting this together!

Check out the pictures here forums Online kite project 3.0

I have been a member of the forums for almost 2 years and have met some great people and learned a lot. Over the last 2 years forum members have hosted a few on-line kite building workshops. The latest installment is the Lil’ Genki by Dave Ellis (kiteguy) from Kansas. The Lil’ Genki is Dave’s take on the migenk kite plan by Fred Broadhead. Dave has simplified the construction and has made it a real light wind performer.

The format of the workshops is usually about 4-5 weeks with the next stage being posted each Friday. There is a discussion thread set up for each stage to give people the opportunity to share their designs, ask questions and have a bit of fun. I have been truly impressed with how many people sign up for these classes and the wonderful kites that are produced at the end. I find I always learn something and really enjoy the staged progress. It holds you back, sometimes you can’t help it and you have to surge ahead and keep going with or with out instruction. But it doesn’t matter as you can always make another one :D (or two.. or three) Continue reading

NIKF Update – The Homan Walsh Challenge

Bob White of the Niagara Windriders sent this excellent report on the 2005 Homan Walsh challenge . Thanks Bob!

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Homan Walsh Challenge – Attempting a Kite Crossing
of the Niagara Gorge at the Niagara International
Kite Festival – Friday, October 7, 2005

Anyone who has visited Niagara Falls can attest to the majesty, grandeur and sheer awe that is inspired by the Niagara River’s gorge and the water that plunges over the cataract in two main falls: the Horseshoe and the American Falls. On average, every second 2,800 cubic metres (100,000 cubic feet) of water drops over the 176 foot precipice. It is a truly awesome display of the force of water and gravity as the outflow from Lake Erie rushes toward Lake Ontario, dropping an astounding total of 99 meters (326 feet).

Niagara River’s gorge is a total of 24 km (15 miles) long. Over the past 10,000+ years the force of this water has moved the falls upstream and created a deep river canyon. The river rushes with dangerous currents, eddies and whirlpools so fierce that bridging the mighty river was a task that slowed development of the Niagara Region until 1850. Charles Ellet Jr., an American engineer, constructed a suspension bridge to span the gorge and link the two cities of Niagara Falls Ontario and New York for commerce.

The story of young Homan Walsh, an American lad, who flew a kite across the gorge in 1848 is well researched and documented in an historical article by good friends Meg and Bill Albers of Buffalo, NY. Continue reading

Dom Mee Atlantic Crossing comes to an end

WOW some troubling information on the news and Dom’s website this morning.

Looks like the high seas and the little kite powered boat had a showdown over the weekend. Needless to say it appears that the sea has won. Dom is now safely aboard the Canadian Coast Gaurd ship Cygnus and is on his way to St. John’s Newfoundland where Dom’s journey started.

You can read all the updates on Dom’s website.

What Happened?

Glad your safe Dom!


Dom Mee to cross the Atlantic in kite powered boat

Dom Mee will be making a 3500 mile trip across the Atlantic ocean starting in mid August. The journey will start right here in the maritimes, in St. Johns, Newfoundland. It will take Dom Mee approximately 35 to 75 days to complete the 3500 mile journey to Exmouth, Devon. The vessel is a 14 ft purpose built sea-going kite boat loaded with all the latest satellite and navigation gear. Dom will have internet access and will be posting progress reports on his KiteQuest blog

Dom Mee's kite boat

Good luck DM!

I created this picture using Google earth, very cool :)