Bill Wilson

Philippine officials: Muslim militants may resort to kites to attack military choppers

I find this disturbing, however I shouldn’t be surprised. Kites, perhaps from the very early beginnings, have been used as weapons, decoys, and as military tools. Saul’s Barrage kite, for example, (which was test flown here in Halifax, Nova Scotia) was used as an anti-aircraft weapon. It would bring down enemy air craft by “clipping” their wings, so to speak.… Read more →

13th annual Toronto International Kite Festival

Hello all, Great event coming up this weekend (15th and 16th) in Toronto at Miliken district park (Steeles ave east and McCowan) Featured guests include: Cliff Quinn, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania Team Skyburner, Detroit, Michigan Windjammers Kite Team, Detroit Michigan Meg Albers, Buffalo, New York Carl Bigras, Ottawa, Ontario Terry Thillman. Pierrefonds, Québec Yves Laforest, St-Éustache, Québec Daniel Rémillard & Christine McGee,… Read more →

Bell Cygnet Kite Centennial 2007

On August 21st 2007 a group of about 40 kite flyers from around Canada and the world gathered in Baddeck, Nova Scotia to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Alexander Graham Bell’s Cygnet kite. This event picked up steam with the media and it was broadcast nationally on the CBC morning news and was on a number of local broadcasts as… Read more →