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Fled Project Week 3…

I just finished posting the final instructions for the forums Fled workshop

While I was writing the instructions for the workshop I was playing around with Google Sketch Up. Mainly to see if I could create a simple rendering of the fled for use as a colorizer. I ended up going a bit overboard as usual, and while I am no Sketch Up expert I thought this was pretty cool. (I am just impressed that I could build the drogue LOL).

India International Kite Festival 2009

Kite Stack

Originally uploaded by Meanest Indian.

Looks like the International Kite Festival held in India this past weekend was a big success. Over 31 Countries represented.

Check out the for some great photos and some more links to past events.

Even some great shots of good friend Cliff Quinn with his amazing double start facet kite.

Lot’s of great pictures on flickr, try searching for Ahmedabad Kite Festival. That search turned up the picture in this post which is from one of my favorite photographers on Flickr.

Fled Mark III – First Flight

Fled MKIII -2

Originally uploaded by wdrwilson.

Managed to get out at lunch today to get a few pictures of my newly constructed Fled MK III. I am working with Steve Ferrel from the forums to put together an online Fled kite building workshop.

This kite is scaled up from the original slightly to more easily handle the 32.5 inch spars that I use. I chose white as I will be primarily using this as a kite for Kite Aerial Photography. It should make a nice, hopefully not so distracting, platform for taking photos.

Thanks to Brooks Leffler for putting the plans together…

Custom Ozone Kite Build pic of a custom kite for Dwarf8 pic of a custom kite for Dwarf8

This is a really cool series of photos showing what it takes to build a custom kite-surfing kite.

Here is an example from a fantastic natural refresher drink called Dwarf8, from Switzerland but based in the kite mecca of Europe, Tarifa, where best to have a custom kite? They ordered an 11m Sport 2

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in all white sail with the logo sewn on.

US Military Hires Kite Ship has an article about the US military hiring the Kite Ship “Beluga SkySails ” to transport Military equipment from Europe.

Basically it saves them a huge amount of money by reducing fuel consumption. Although not the primary motivator, the fact that the ship uses innovations to reduce costs was a factor in the Military’s decision. Cuts costs, it’s better for our enviornment, and it has a huge ass kite! What more could you want.

See the complete press release on

Niagara 2008

I attended the Niagara International Kite Festival again this year, what a fantastic time. Meg Albers puts so much into this festival each year, and the kiting community shows up in droves to show their support. This year there were well over a hundred flyers from around the world. you can see the complete list here:

The festival, as usual, was a lot of fun. The wind was up and down on Saturday and Sunday so it made it difficult to keep anything in the air for longer than a few minutes. I managed to fly some smaller single line kites for a while and we did have the fish up for a good part of Sunday. Ted Gaudet of the Dieppe Kite club took delivery of his new mid size custom fish, we managed to get them hooked up to the same line on Sunday so we could see them flying at the same time. However both Ted and I were helping out with the “running of the bols” when they finally had enough wind to get into the air :) Looked good, even from 900 feet away

I did my first bit of indoor flying at the Saturday night event at the historic Buffalo train station. I was flying my Horvath Long Way Home, which has a wing span of about 2.7 meters (9ft or so), it was a lot of fun/work. I hope somebody ended up with some pictures so I can prove it :)

Had a great time hanging out with IQuad, these guys really shred the sky with their cool improvised routines. (check out the mega fly from Bristol in the post below). Picked up a couple of new kites this year, A master series Rev Bazzer’s Blue Flames, and a B Series Rev (Yellow). Had a brief chance to fly the the B-Series yesterday, now to practice practice practice

Many people have been posting their photos of this event so with the help of the TKF mailing list and a few other sources here are some photo links.

Carlos Simoes

Christine & Daniel

Doug Isherwood

Ted Shaw

Don Brownridge

MNKiteMan’s photos on Flickr

Gary Maynard’s Photos on Flickr
(nothing tagged)

Ralph Reed’s Photos on Flickr.

Wayne has promised to upload a ton of photos from many of the flyers to the website, as soon as they are up I will post a link here.