Rokkaku’s in Baddeck

3961120194_e68d150355_oWe had a great time building Rokkaku kites in Baddeck last month! I met some wonderful people and I learned a lot! The room was full of all skill levels, but I am pretty sure no one had built a kite before, so everyone was being introduced to the strange world of spinnaker nylon, dacron and adhesives. It was a bit of culture shock for some of the quilters I think! 🙂


Day one started with everyone cutting the fabric and sewing the main sail together. The rest of the day and most of day 2 was spent on applique. A lot of great unique designs and approaches came out of this process. The latter part of day 2 was spent adding reinforcements, pockets, and framing.

By Saturday morning we had almost all the kites in the air at Beinn Bhreagh. The winds proved a bit too much for us so we decided to pack it in and head up to the “Kite House” for a great spread of meats, cheeses, salads and sweets. Thanks to Jeanne and Hugh Muller for hosting us, it was great way to cap off an excellent few days in Baddeck.

Special thanks to Scott Ferguson for stepping in as an instructor, your help was greatly appreciated! A big thank you to Sharon Morrow for organizing and hosting this event, and of course thanks to Anne Morrell, fabric artist extraordinaire and my partner in this workshop! Hopefully we will put on another workshop next year.

I posted a ton of pictures on Flickr, enjoy!.

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  1. saF
    17 October, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    We had fun. It was funny seeing Jeanie getting frustrated with the ripstop nylon on the first day and then seeing the grin on her face the next day as she finished sparring and bridling her kite!

  2. Jeanne Muller
    22 February, 2010 at 12:40 pm

    The Silver Dart association is putting together a box to be filled with memory items from 2009. I have printed this out and would like to include it with a scrap of kite material I have left from my kite. This box will be sealed and will be opened 50 years from now.

    Is this all right with you?

    that was one wonderful experience and I’m much more than willing to try another kite some time in the future even tho I still am not in love with rip stop nylon.

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