Build Your Special Kite At Home

First of all, kudos for your decision to build your very own kite at home! The costs are minimum, the fun is at its highest peak, and you’ll probably end up discovering a brand new hobby to embrace every time you feel bored or you want to create something beautiful. There are plenty of kite building kits out there you can actually buy and create diamond or sled kites, to name just a couple of the most popular kite varieties out there. But you could also do things the affordable and easy way:

How To Build A Kite Made Of A Plastic Bag

Find a plastic bag – not too big, not too small, you must have one around the house. Easily fold it in half, vertically. Make it as flat as you can, and make sure it is even. Next, cut the button part of the

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bag off. You can do this by placing the scissors two or three inches up from the bottom of the bag, and carefully eliminating the part of the bag that you are not going to be using. The next step towards building your very first homemade kite would be to cut the plastic bag in the middle, starting from the base and going straight up, directing the scissors toward the center. Then nicely form a cut from the bag’s center and all the way back to the fold, forming a 45-degree angle.

Extra Steps To Follow

Next, you will need to save the respective section that is comprised of most of the fold and place the rest of the plastic bag aside. Lay down all the pieces on a flat surface and check and
make sure you have obtained two irregular pentagons. The next steps are to cut two sticks, making sure one of the sticks is as long as the entire length of the kite, measuring from top to bottom. You will then need to cut the second stick so that it is a little longer than the actual width of the resulting kite, measuring from right to left.

Finally, you will need to take the longer stick and tape it to the center of the kite, on the vertical. Make sure you take the top end first thing and just before taping the bottom, carefully stretch the plastic, while taping this stick onto the bottom of the future kite. Then, tape the end of the short stick to the left corner of the soon-to-be kite, bow the stick from on horizontal towards the top center and make sure it properly curves while it moves from left to right. Next, take the right corner and finally take the two sticks together.

Final Steps

Create strips made of the extra plastic bag you have not used and hence create the tail of your kite and connect the tail to the bottom of the kite by taping it. The whole process should not last longer than the time you might need to visit a website that specializes in online bingo games for real money. Speaking of, bingo online makes for another excellent hobby for most people, and the places like Tasty Bingo can definitely bring out all the fun of the game, especially if you are planning on playing for real money.