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The 9.8 Fighting Kite Brigade

Ok I am not 100% what to make of this..

Attaching razor blades and nails to “craptastic” plastic kites sounds fun.. errr… sorta.

I always try and spread the word about safe kiting and that you can really hurt someone with a stunt like this; however, at the same time this appeals to me in a geeky way…(I am also not sure how accurate the history is.. but take it for what it’s worth) ..


Here is the video clip from Geek Entertainment TV

Kite Skiing Across Greenland!

Check out this great video of a team who did a little kite skiing while on a trek across greenland. The video covers approximately 21 days and has crazy wind. The Sun just sitting on the horizon, makes for some great shots…


2,000 Years Of Kite Flying History

You might be more or less interested in the genuine art of flying kites as a new hobby, a means of relaxation during your dull weekends, or, why not, as a true passion or career option – kite builders are respectable individuals for many years. Kiting has been around for more than 2,000 years, but the precise inventor of the kite is not known to mankind.


The Mysterious Inventors Of Kite Flying

It might have been the Chinese who flew the very first kites, due to the huge interest shown to kiting even today. And Japan and Korea are not far off either – there are many Far East countries where amazingly painted and decorated kites can be seen flying in the skies. And if we are to also mention the existence of the special Kites Day in China, where both children and full grown-ups are flying kites in an organized setting, we might understand why the Chinese people are considered to be the founders of the tradition. Plus, there is even a particular fish kite flying ceremony held on Children’s Day on May the 5th each year in Japan, so the Asians might in fact be responsible for the invention of the kites.  


Kite Flying Contests


There are kite flying contents organized on some of the windiest bitches throughout the world,. Also, the interest of people is on the rise, since the development and permanent evolution of kites as we all used to know them since we were small children have created pure arts of works during recent years. There are many people who specialize in

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the building of modern era kites that can handle powerful strong and which are easier to control and hence win specialized contents.


Different Types Of Kites

Usually, the simplest types of kites you can find in specialized online or offline stores are the ones that are made from two sticks that need to be crossed and covered in cloth. Finally, one needs to attach a string to the kite and the adding of plastic, fiberglass, or aluminium frames is not uncommon either. However, these particular types of kites that feature frames made of these materials tend to be more expensive, so if you would like to keep your investment to a minimum, you could go ahead and opt for the simple kites. Of course you can always think about joining some casinos accepting Mastercard on the web and see if you can safely play some blackjack or poker games and win some money so you can afford expensive kites, but that is totally up to you.

  Moreover, kites can be found is a large variety of shapes and sizes, and, needless to say, the flat kite is the most common type of kite out there.


Interesting Facts About Kites Throughout The History


Kites have been used by Benjamin rankling to prove the fact that the lighting was in fact some form of electricity. By attaching a metal key to a kite’s string, he proved that the electricity passed down the respective string when lighting hit it, hence producing Franklin to get an electric shock.


Also, kites helped people develop the very first airplanes – see the Wright Brothers story. Also, in World War I, large kites were used to transport Germans to submarines or carry long distance radio signals.