Monthly Archives: February 2007

Fatal accidents during Basant in Pakistan is reporting on the fatalities during the Basant festival over the weekend. Out of all the articles I have read on this over the past few days this one hits the nail on the head. The Punjab government lifted the ban on Kite flying for the festival, this was in direct violation of the law that the supreme court… Read more →

Mazda Hakaze – Kite surfing concept car..

Check out the new Mazda catering to the kite surfing crowd…. from 2007 Mazda Hakaze Concept – Kite-Surfing Functionality Kite-surfers are “wind chasers.” They get up in the morning, switch on their computer and search for the right wind conditions on the Internet for the best place to surf, call their friends, grab their gear and go. Mazda Hakaze… Read more →

K Swiss – Street Kiting Update

I recently received an email from K Swiss about a post I wrote earlier this year about their street kiting flash game. Here is a better copy of the Ruben Lenten street kiting video… Some pretty crazy stuff.. don’t try this at home kids… Ruben is an experienced kite surfer 🙂 Cheers! Bill Read more →

Kasmin soars to greater heights in kite-making

Great story about Kasmin Miron, master kite maker from Malaysia. By MOHD BAKRI DARUS MALACCA: Decades ago, a skinny- looking teenager by the name of Kasmin Miron, was a regular figure in the village padi fields of Seberang Pekan in Baling, Kedah. He was not there to harvest padi but to fly his kites as kiteflying was a favourite pastime… Read more →