DCO – Announces free safety kite-string rods

Looks like more kite action for Pakistan. This time the government is taking proactive steps to protect motorcyclists from the dangers of the very sharp chemical and manja line used in kite fights.

I am not sure what one of these kite safety rods looks like.. I will try and dig up some pictures.

DCO announces free safety kite-string rods

LAHORE: District coordination officer (DCO), Muhammad Ijaz, Wedneday said that people would be provided safety kite-string rods free of charge for their bikes.

Speaking at a meeting of All-Pakistan Kite Dealers-Manufacturers Association, he said that all union council nazims would provide safety kite-string rods to people who had motorcycles registered under their names. Traffic police would take action against people not using helmets and rods, he added.

He said that manufacturers would produce kites of designated sizes only. A butterfly kite’s maximum span would be 32 inches and no kite would exceed a span of 40 inches, he added.

The DCO said that kites could only be manufactured using local materials. Materials from other cities would require the permission of the district environment officer, Tariq Zaman. Ijaz said that town municipal officers would be responsible for nine teams organised to dispose of chemical-coated strings. He said that chemical-coated strings would be outlawed in a week. Shops caught selling chemical-coated string would be sealed permanently and the string would be confiscated, he added. staff report