The Urban Ninja – a Synergetic Kite by Thomas K. Horvath

Thomas K. Horvath stumbled across my site the other day and sent me a link to his website and to a cool project that he has been working on. The Urban Ninja is a synergetic kite that has been developed for confined flying areas like parks and parking lots. The kite is designed using the finest kite materials for low wind; Icarex, light weight carbon tubes, kevlar, etc. The plan has wonderful detail and is very well documented. I know I have certainly added this kite to my “build” list 🙂

What is a synergetic kite you ask… well I rightly don’t really know. However has a great video of one of their other models in some wonderful gliding and axel type maneuvers.

I have asked Thomas a bunch of questions about and his project. Hopefully I will have an update to this article with his answers. For now go off and enjoy the website and plan. Please keep in mind that this kite is for non commercial use only.

non commercial use only
photo source: Thomas K. Horvath –

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  1. 8 January, 2007 at 9:21 am

    bill, i came to the site to check bernie’s pic and then decided to check out our site… these kites are sooo cool..didn’t have a chance to check out their whole site but i will!

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