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DCO – Announces free safety kite-string rods

Looks like more kite action for Pakistan. This time the government is taking proactive steps to protect motorcyclists from the dangers of the very sharp chemical and manja line used in kite fights. I am not sure what one of these kite safety rods looks like.. I will try and dig up some pictures. DCO announces free safety kite-string rods… Read more →

KSwiss – Street Kiter

A reader posted a cool link to the KSwiss Street Kiter game… Kite surfing through the city streets! Check it out here… Oh and there is a video as well.. of Ruben Lenten actually trying to kite board in an urban setting… Go Ruben! Cheers, Bill Read more →

US Navy Target kite video

Kerry St. Dennis, a member of the Toronto Kite Fliers, started a discussion on the TKF Yahoo group about a Target Kite video that was on It’s pretty amazing to see these kites in action, the harness and reel setup is pretty interesting as well. 🙂 The video was produced by the Bureau of Aeronautics of the American Army… Read more →

Meanest Indian – Kite Flickr Photos

I stumbled upon some really wonderful photos from flickr user “Meanest Indian” today. This person has some fantastic photos of people making kites and manjah in India. Here are some examples… Multi-Firki – Kites & kites string at Manek Chowk. You maybe counting down to Xmas but here in Ahmedabad the next big event is Uttrian – the Kite Festival… Read more →

Long flight for Birdwoman kite (The Dominion Post) has a quick article on Suzanne Tamaki’s kite “Manu Wahine” which means “Bird Woman”. The kite will be displayed in the British museum together with the oldest known traditional Maori kite, which is the male counter part to Tamaki’s kite. You can read the complete article here..Long flight for Birdwoman kite – Photo Source :… Read more →

Kite And Kayak Festival 2007

Hello all, The 2nd Annual Kite And Kayak festival has a new website. Tons of pictures from last years fesitval and information on the upcoming festival for 2007. A lot of the photos were shot by Linda Lücker. lot’s of pics of the lobster, Scott and I holding on for dear life, some great aerial shots by Yvon Hache, check… Read more →

Synergetic Kites – An Interview With Thomas K. Horvath

Photo source: Hello all, Over the past couple of days I have had some great correspondence with the Synergetic kite creator Thomas K. Horvath. Thomas graciously agreed to answer some of questions about his inspiration and motivation to build these very cool kites. Steadywinds: Who is Thomas K. Horvath? Thomas:My parents came to Switzerland as refugees in the Hungarian… Read more →