New Year’s Eve – Kite Eating Tree

Valerie and I are spending the weekend at our friends Scott and Linda’s house/antique store on Prince Edward Island. Today while visiting Daphne’s Hobby Farm Scott attempted to do some Auto-KAP. The snow was fresh, the pony and donkeys were out, and the wind was blowing nicely. The kite went up with ease and the rig was happily doing it’s standard routine, turn-click-turn-click-turn….

The wind was particularly strong and lumpy at about 120 feet or so and made the kite a little hard to handle. After about 10 minutes the kite ended up in a classic nose dive but no matter how much slack Scott fed out the kite would not right itself. The kite managed to get stuck 30 feet up in a tall spruce tree (see pic). Scott and I have both been in this situation before so we knew not to pull on the kite. The best thing to do was to fly another kite and try and lift his out.

A quick trip back to Scott and Linda’s to pick up my trusty Frogakku and back to the hobby farm. Much to our surprise and joy the kite was easily plucked from the tree in a short 15 minutes. Here are some shots of the hobby farm and the kites. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics with the kite in the tree, but I did get one just after the kite was free from the branches. Hopefully I will have some of Scott’s pics to post shortly.. 🙂

Daphene's Hobby Farm - Fence Daphene's Hobby Farm - kite eating tree Daphene's Hobby Farm - Freshly liberated Rokkaku Valerie on the Farm :)

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  1. saF
    1 January, 2007 at 12:26 am

    I have a few pictures posted on Flickr that were taken while the kite was in the air, and falling down to the ground. See here

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