Instructables – Kite related projects

If you haven’t had a chance to check out, stop reading and go check it out. It’s a great community based site that allows users to document things they have built using a simple step – by – step approach. Everything from flamethrowers to kite buggies. I have been planning on posting some how-to type information for specific types of kite building for a while. Maybe I will get a chance to do that over the holidays (ya right :))

Anyhow.. on with the show..

After my post yesterday regarding the ice butt boarding I started digging around for other kite related instructables and came across these gems…

Kite Powered Land Proa by aerohydro

Another from our butt boarding friends…

Traditional Polynesian Ice Canoe (Ice Proa) by ewhilhelm

And some fun for the kids over the holidays…

Paper Kite by intoon

There are a lot of instructables with the word kite on them… just have a quick search and you will see what I mean. Some of them are just surfplan postings and don’t have much instructional value at all… your mileage may vary…

Happy Holidays!


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