Fun Kite Facts All Around The World

As you might know by now, our site focuses on kites of all shapes, sizes, and origins that are involved in some of the most fascinating events ever (checkout our latest kite ice skating video). Today, we decided to give you some of the most intriguing facts about kites all around the world, to feed your curiosity and help you get even closer to your hobby. So, without further ado, here are some fun facts about kites all around the globe.


Know Your Kites!


First of all, we are going to start by telling you that the smallest kite in the world is only 5 mm high and it is actually functional. At the opposite end of the story we find the longest kite in the world, measuring no less than 1,034 meters or 3,394 feet. And since we are speaking of sizes, the largest recorded kite in the world is 630 square meters, or 55m x 22m. Moving forward to speed, we can also tell you another interesting fact about kites: the fastest speed that a kite has ever reached, according to official recordings is of 120 mph or 193 km/h. if you were to fly such a kite in Thailand, you would be probably breaking some of the 78 rules that are related to kite flying in this country. There is also an officially registered world record when it comes to the longest kite fly, which was of 180 hours.


It’s All About The Big Numbers


If you are interested to know which is the largest number of kites that was ever flown at the same time, on a single line, we have an impressive number for you: 11,284! How is that for a world record? The crazy experiment was completed by a passionate Japanese kite maker. As for the train of kites that was 9,740m long (that is close to 32,000 ft.) and the amazing 3,801m flight, we believe no words are necessary.     


The Chinese are known to be particularly peculiar when it comes to kite flying. They believe, for instance, that looking at kites in the sky is a healthy thing for their eye vision. Also, they like to think that they can also balance their yin-yang type of energy by doing the specific head tilting movement with their mouth slightly open when looking up in the sky at kites flying. However, there was a time when flying kites was not allowed in China; this was occurring during the Cultural Revolution and the penalties for the people who were breaking the law could go as high as three years’ incarceration. Their kites were also confiscated and later destroyed. If you would like to know the situation of kites in Japan, a site like is not going to help you discover all that, but it will help you discover top online casino reviews, free pokies games, news, information about hot bonuses and everything else you would like to know in terms of online pokies.  


Getting back to the Japanese people, they also went through a kite banning process in 1760. As for the first powered aircraft, it was made of large box kites that had special motors that were attached to them.