Airport Closed due to mystery kite

China Daily has a story about a kite stopping air traffic at an airport in China. Hmmm I am curious why they just didn’t go out and cut it out of the sky… very very expensive kite :)

Airport closed due to mystery kite
(China Daily)
Updated: 2006-10-24 08:48

A kite forced the closure of Zhanjiang International Airport for half a day after it was found flying near the runway in the Guangdong port city over the weekend.

The incident took place at about 6:15 pm on Saturday, when a 2-metre-long kite was seen flying in the sky only 200 metres away from the runway.

After failing to locate the people who were flying the kite, the airport authority had to close the airport down. Two departing flights and four arrivals had to be cancelled or diverted to other airports, and 477 passengers were left stranded in airport waiting rooms overnight.

The airport returned to normal operation 12 hours later on the early Sunday morning when the kite fell into farmland nearby.

Guangzhou Daily

Buffalo News – Kiting the Mega Moon

LEWISTON – An enormous scuba diver in a black wet suit filled the sky above Reservoir State Park on Saturday to the delight of more than 5,000 visitors at the second annual Niagara International Kite Festival.
Then the wind finally picked up, and the 400-pound Mega Moon, the largest kite in the world, slowly lifted into the cloudless blue sky.

It took a team of eight to get Mega Moon to rise Saturday, and once it was skyward, it took a lot to keep it from drifting away. The kite was held down by several struggling enthusiasts gripping ropes and a 20-ton braided line attached to a dump truck filled with two tons of bricks.

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