Kite Tube Action Shot!

Josh Banks of Banks Photos sent me this picture a few days ago.

Photo by Josh Banks
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Here is what Josh has to say about the photo…

This photo was taken from our boathouse in Chetek, Wisconsin on July 4,2006. I was walking down to the boathouse with my camera and saw this guy on a kite tube. I took the photo, removed my camera from my eye to watch the action and the next thing I know he slammed into the water. We went out in our boat to talk with him. Although very stunned, the rider was uninjured and unwilling to try it again anytime soon for more photos. Once I opened the image on my computer I was completely surprised to see the rider in the air. The rider was not tossed this high above the tube, actually the tube was at his height about a tenth of a second earlier. When I took the picture I did not realize the rider had been thrown off the tube. To me it looked like the rider was on the tube having a great time. Suddenly, the tube dove into the water and the rider followed, this all happened much too quickly for me to react with my camera for another shot. I estimate that the rider is easily 30 feet above the water. The conditions were quite perfect for a flight to this height. The boat is eading west, into a strong wind at a good clip.

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  1. 19 July, 2006 at 3:33 am

    stupid people do stupid things ……
    that entire situation is laughable because people should at least be smart enough to know thats just stupid ….. i mean come on….

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