More Kite Tube Problems…

Channel 6 WOWT out of Omaha has a story of some kite tube riders that had a close call. I think it’s about time that people wise up and realize that this is just not safe and is very unpredictable.

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WOWT | Kite Tubing Writes

A fun day of boating on the Missouri River turned frightening for a family and their friends when a new water toy became too much to handle.

Colleen York had a queasy feeling as she watched.

“I’m thinking to myself something is going to happen. He’s going way too high,” she recalls.

A friend riding a newly purchased water toy called the kite tube made a hard landing.

Colleen says, “We turned around and he was unconscious in the water and we’re all freaking out. So his dad jumps in and rescues him. He started coughing. I was glad.”

Watching the tape of the episode, Nebraska Medical Center emergency room Dr. Richard Walker said water doesn’t guarantee a soft landing.”

He says, “If you are jerked around quickly in the air you can injure your neck or your back; your spine.”

But Paul Davis of Omaha Marine Center says the kite tube comes with written and video instructions to make it a safe and exciting ride.

He says the instructions are, “very specific to the speed you can go, the rope length to use. If you continue to accelerate, about the 30 mile-per-hour range you increase your chances of getting hurt.”

The cockpit of the kite tube also comes with instructions on communicating with the boat with instructions to speed up or slow down.

Dan Wiley is a kite tube rider who doesn’t think of himself as a daredevil.

He says, “If you go too fast, yes, it’s going to be a dangerous situation but it’s a very calm, relaxing, fun ride.”

Though the kite tube initially made a splash with her friends, Colleen York says they’ve since returned it.

“It looks fun,” she says. “You might think you have control but one gust of wind and they now know better.”

Sports Stuff, the manufacturer, says no other towable, inflatable on the market has such an extensive system of warnings and instruction. Markings on the tube are specifically designed to warn the riders of possible dangers in misusing the tube. It’s produced by a company in Omaha that conducted numerous safety tests on Lake Manawa before putting the tube on the market.

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  1. Marissa Bowen
    2 July, 2006 at 11:42 pm

    Yes, kite tubing(kt) can be dangerous, but not if you know how to use it. We purchased a kt in January 2006. I was very anxious to play on my new water toy, but the water was to cold. During the time I spent waiting for summer I had read and reread the manual and watched the DVD at least 15+ times on my own and another 10+ with other family members/friends. So I pretty much knew that you absolutely had to be careful. On June 6 we left for Lake Powell. It was my first time riding the kt and it was very windy that day, and I only fell of once. In the DVD it tells you keep your weight right in the middle, so that what I did. When I fell off, I had looked over my left shoulder and that had thrown the balance way off. Also when you inflate the kt all over it says things like “Never fly higher than you’re willing to fall,” “Fly at your own risk,” “You’re in control,” “Danger,” etc. If the kt is going very high then the driver needs to slow down immediately, same goes when the kt starts rocking. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out gravity. If you’re in the air and the boat stops the kt is not going to keep going. It’ll slowing come back down onto the water. The driver always needs to watch. Another example of what a 14 yr. old girl (ME!!!) can do to not let the kt get out of control. I was on the kt and I went at least 15 feet in the air, it started to rock violently and I kept my weight IN THE MIDDLE!!! If you read the instructions and have a brain then it’s not that hard to do! And do NOT forget the fact that it isn’t possible to go over 20 ft. in the air if you use the rope that the kt came with and acknowledge the point that you’re not supposed to attach the rope to a wake board tower. The point of a kt is that you hover above the water, not to wave it in the air as if no one is on it and it’s dangerous. It’s unfair that some idiots (no offense) didn’t watch the rider of the kt very well or that the rider didn’t watch the video/read the manual. It’s the injured person’s fault that they were careless with their lives/safety, so why punish every one else for their mistake. Thanks for reading this and please e-mail me on your opinion at

  2. Justin
    3 July, 2006 at 11:26 pm

    Just purchased my wego KT two days ago. Watched the instruction video, went over all the warning and went out. First time I took a hard fall from about 20ft up. Thats when we soon leaned to recognise when to cut the throttle. Since that fall Im able to ride the KT approximatly 8-10 above the water for distances up to 100 yards, and even got the KT up to 30ft and back down. The riders fate really is dependant on the driver with this towable and the instruction video makes that VERY CLEAR. This is by far the most fun Ive had on the water since wakeboarding came about years ago.

  3. 28 November, 2006 at 2:48 am

    Wow! I was really considering trying this sport. I’ve seen it done a few times. Thought it was like parasailing. It looks like a lot of fun but considering the dangers involved especially for a novice. I think I’ll rethink it :0). I’m getting to old for this kind of stuff anyway.

  4. 28 November, 2006 at 3:22 am

    Wow! I was really considering trying this sport. I’ve seen it done a few times. Thought it was like parasailing. It looks like a lot of fun but considering the dangers involved especially for a novice. I think I’ll rethink it :0). I’m getting to old for this kind of stuff anyway.

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