Rainer Hoffman – Bow Kite

Kitebuilder.com forum member “Erhan” posted a picture of a kite he made from plans published in the German magazine “Kites and Friends”. This kite is designed by Rainer Hoffman and is simply called the “Bow Kite”. Invento-HQ kites has licensed the design and is offering it for sale this season. Based on this website I have started to build a bow kite and will, as usual, blog my progress.

Here is where I am so far.

Patterns for the cross-cutting disks have been cut as well as the fabric
Patterns for the main body pieces have been cut as well as the fabric.

hmmm doesn’t sound like much but it took the better part of the afternoon and evening to get that far.

Here is a photoshop quick and dirty mock up of what it will look like when done as well as a photo of the body pieces cut and ready for edge binding.

click for larger image

click for larger image