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Rainer Hoffman – Bow Kite Part II

I didn’t get a chance to work on this kite last night, I had a repair job to do on a badly beaten HQ Tramontana.. what a night..

Anyhow on to the Bow Kite. Tonight I started to edge bind the horizontal discs that cross cut the kite every 40 cm or so. These disks are edge bound in such a way to create a sleeve for a 2mm carbon or fiberglass rod. The problem I ran into was that the discs #1 and #6 have such a narrow curve at the top that I was getting terrible puckers which resulted in a baggy sail when the rod was installed. I really wanted to use the Mil spec gorss grain I had purchased from but it wasn’t going to cut it for this small of a radius.

I turned to a good discussion on the forums titled “curved top banner” (forum registration required) which outlined several methods for sewing these types of curves. I tried a number of the suggestions but settled on using 3/4″ strips 1.5 oz fabric (ripstop) cut on the bias. This worked really really well, I have to say I never realised how well it actually worked until this evening, I have sewn curves before

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but never this tight. In this case I think the only thing that would work is fabric cut on the bias. Chalk it up as a learning experience and move on…

So after all that experimentation I only managed to get two of the discs sewn… Tada…

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321 kite-flyers held in a crackdown against metal-wire use

A report coming from GEO Pakistan News – states that 321 people have been arrested in Lahore, Pakistan. The arrests come after months of kite bans and many deaths, injuries and power cuts caused by kite flying. The people being held were arrested under section 279 and are implicated in either using or manufactureing Manja (kite string rolled in glass) and sharp kite line made from steel wire.

GEO Pakistan News – Geo.Tv writes

LAHORE: The police here booked 321 kite-flyers under section 279 and arrested them in a crackdown launched here against the use of razor sharp kite cords rolled in powdered glass or made of steel cut electricity wires.

SSP Operations, Aamir Zulfiqar told that the police in a drive against the manufacture, sale and use of razor sharp kite cords rolled in powdered glass today arrested 71 persons by registering 60 cases in Cantt Division, 94 in 85 cases in City Division, 49 in 50 cases in Saddar Division and 107 accused in 84 cases in Model Town Division. Police also recovered during this operation 700 spools of steel and glass

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edged wires, sharp cord making tools, chemicals etc.

SSP told that the police would immediately be raiding any rooftop from where aerial firings would be witnessed or any one found using steel and glass edged cords. He told that the compliance of the Supreme Court orders would be ensured on the occasion of Basant and 4,000 security personnel would be performing their duties, while 800 police officers and functionaries in civvies would be posted at key-points of the city in this regard. Besides 16 vehicles of elite force, 26 of Mujahid squad and 52 motorcycles riding police men would be taking rounds of different areas of the city for guarding the implementation of the rules of the kite-flying game as well as its violation by aerial firing, if any.

Original story here:
GEO Pakistan News –