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Harold Ames’ kite

A write up on the Lewis and Clark Kite exhibit in the Billings airport appeared in “The Billings Outpost” . It features a kite made by Harold “kitesquid” Ames featuring Thomas Jefferson. Harold is a regular poster on the forums, and has chronicled the building of his kite here, and an inflight photo here (you will have to signup to the forums to see those last two links). That’s it ‘squid you are “World Famous” (in Billings at least)

The Billings Outpost wrote:

As Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery traveled across the Louisiana Purchase on their way to the Pacific Ocean and then back to St. Louis, they came into contact with numerous Native American tribes. These Indian people allowed the Corps to cross their lands and assisted them in their difficult journey.

In February of 2004, in honor of Lewis and Clark and the Native American people they met on their epic trek, a world class exhibit of art kites, created by 28 of North America’s premier kitebuilders, began a three-year display at Billings Logan Airport.

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