World’s largest kite flies in Tokyo

Modegi and his Mega Flag

Well Modegi and his band of Japanse kite flyers have done it. They have successfully flown their custom made Peter Lynn Mega Flag (25m – 40m), see my earlier post for more information on the kite and Modegi.

This short article from the Mainichi News says it all….

Enthusiasts fly the huge kite in Tokyo.Kite lovers recently flew what they called the largest kite in the world at Harumi Pier in Tokyo’s Chuo-ku.

Masaaki Modegi, president of the Japan Kite Association, ordered a New Zealand designer to make the 25-meter by 40-meter kite, which was completed in November last year.

With about 15,000 visitors watching, the 250-kilogram kite was flown under a mild breeze.

Organizers made desperate efforts to fly the kite at an altitude of 30 meters. (Mainichi

HQ Multiple Kite System

MKS-KiteSystem 001

Originally uploaded by wdrwilson.

Recently Steve Ferrel at the Kite Studio added Auctions to the forums. The original idea came from some posts about Dave Ellis and his attempts to auction kites for charity on eBay. I think there were some issues surrounding eBay’s policies dealing with charities. So Steve worked very hard over the next few months to bring auctions to all members of the forum and so far it seems it’s a success.

Dave aka KiteGuy was one of the first to get in on the fun by adding some kites, line laundry and an interesting kite kit called the Multiple Kite System from HQ. If I recall correctly this was a kit that Dave won at a kite making retreat and it looked suprising similar to the Thames & Kosmos Kite Dynamics kit, which I had just recently found online. So what the heck, I bid on it, not thinking I would ever win with such a low bid of 10 dollars. Much to my surprise the auction ended a few days later and I was the winner. Woo hoo!

Dave sent the parcel this week and it arrived today, now that’s fast considering it had to come from the U.S.A. As usual when I open up a kite from HQ I am pleasently surprised by the attention to detail and the quality of the parts. This kite was no exception, The kite comes with decent manual, a nice bag for the skins, a separate bag for the connectors and my favourite wrapped fiberglass rods. I started with the simplest of the designs (the one suggested by the manual) and here are the results.

MKS-KiteSystem 009
MKS-KiteSystem 001
MKS-KiteSystem 002
MKS-KiteSystem 008

So far so good… I went back to my original post about the Thames & Kosmos Kite Dynamics kit and examined the photos on their site. It appears to be an updated version of the HQ MKS kit. The connectors look identical and even the way it’s packaged and displayed looks the same. In conversation with Dave about the kit he mentioned that the designer was looking for a less expensive way to produce the kit. Looks like he found it.

Thanks Dave for the great buy, this kite will likely never see the skys but it will be hanging in my office very soon. :)


The Billings Outpost

Harold Ames’ kite

A write up on the Lewis and Clark Kite exhibit in the Billings airport appeared in “The Billings Outpost” . It features a kite made by Harold “kitesquid” Ames featuring Thomas Jefferson. Harold is a regular poster on the forums, and has chronicled the building of his kite here, and an inflight photo here (you will have to signup to the forums to see those last two links). That’s it ‘squid you are “World Famous” (in Billings at least)

The Billings Outpost wrote:

As Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery traveled across the Louisiana Purchase on their way to the Pacific Ocean and then back to St. Louis, they came into contact with numerous Native American tribes. These Indian people allowed the Corps to cross their lands and assisted them in their difficult journey.

In February of 2004, in honor of Lewis and Clark and the Native American people they met on their epic trek, a world class exhibit of art kites, created by 28 of North America’s premier kitebuilders, began a three-year display at Billings Logan Airport.

Read the rest of the story at The Billings Outpost