Chinese kites stir up a storm

I found an interesting article today in India’s Buiness Standard news paper. The article discusses the impact and demand for Chinese made kites in India and it’s affect on the traditional kite market. It’s interesting to read how the local makers and retailers feel that the Chinese kites with cartoon characters are superior to the kites made in the traditional styles using paper and bamboo. Since we have had these types of kites here for many many years it seems to me that most people shy away from the cartoonish kites and want something that’s more traditional. I suppose a family who is out for the day flying kites wouldn’t really care much if the kite was made from plastic and had cartoon characters on it. But for my money I would much rather have a traditional Indian fighter than a Chinese mass produced plastic sponge Bob kite.

Business Standard writes

Chinese products are all set to push the dotted skyline further this Uttarayan, roping in a staggering 20 per cent of the total market share, according to market sources.

It is tough to estimate exact figures since it is an unorganised sector.

“The market in Gujarat is worth Rs 4-5 crores for the kite sector. It is true that after the international kite festival Chinese players have marked a strong presence in the Gujarat markets.” said Kirti Thaker, manager of Fairs and Festivals, Gujarat Tourism.

Chinese kites stir up a storm