Kite flying leaves powermen in high tension

I guess Jamghat wasn’t as harmonious as the last article would leave you to believe. Again some irresponsible flyers have decided to use wire instead of Manjah. Obviously this type of celebration has been going on for many years and perhaps it’s acceptable. I hope that the flyers wise up to the fact that the great hobby of flying and kite fighting is not worth power outages and personal injury.

Lucknow, November 3: WHILE Jamghat might have brought smiles to many a zealous kite fliers, who got a chance to cut the strings of other kites, the day was not as happy for the powermen and the residents. Despite, warnings given by the administration to the contrary, wires were extensively used, instead of strings, resulting in wire (electric) snapping, feeder failures and ultimately power woes in various parts of the city.

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