Pakistan Bans Kite Flying – Update

Well it looks like the Pakistan supreme court ruling is not being inforced by police. Kite flying, and selling is still taking place and along with that comes frequent power cuts. The Daily Times reports that kite flying has caused large financial losses for the power companies in spite of the ban on flying.

I guess from my North American perspective I don’t understand why people are not more concerned with saftey. I am pretty sure I would be electrocuted if I was flying a kite on metal wire and that wire dropped on a 1100 KV transformer. I am also sure that the power utility would have a few words, and fines for me as well.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Kite flying causing financial losses

LAHORE: The district government and Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) have not been able to control kite flying and the sale of kites in the provincial capital. Sources told Daily Times that although several courts had banned kite flying and the sale of kites and related material, authorities concerned did not take administrative action in this regard and the people of Lahore had to face serious electricity problems because of officials’ negligence on Sunday. Grid stations of sub divisions Delhi Gate, Chah Miran, Bhaati Gate and Sabzazar were reported to have been damaged by fire and hundreds of people lodged complaints at Chah Miran, Bhaati Gate and Delhi Gate, but it did not help much because of excessive kite-flying in the areas.

you can read the full story on the Daily Times website.