icWales – Kite surf rescuer hung on for dear life

Another close call has been reported out of the UK. This time it was not only the kite surfer that was injured it was the women who tried to help her. Please anyone reading this, if you see a crashed kite surfer on the beach, etc please do not attempt to pick up the kite (unless you are sure you know what you are doing), you may be in for a big surprise.

Hopefully all is well with both surfer and would be rescuer.

Kite surf rescuer hung on for dear life Nov 8 2005

Abby Alford, South Wales Echo

A good Samaritan who raced to the aid of a stricken kite surfer sparked a major emergency when winds of up to 40mph blew both her and the kite away.

The 27-year-old was swept up and dragged and lifted for three quarters of a mile across the popular beauty spot of Rest Bay in Porthcawl.

Then, to the horror of her boyfriend, she dropped from the kite and landed on jagged rocks in the next beach along the coastline, leaving her with potentially serious injuries.

icWales – Kite surf rescuer hung on for dear life

Thames & Kosmos Kite Dynamics

Found this really cool kite building kit today. Looks like you can make a ton of different cellular designs, and also appears fairly well built and thought out. I can’t believe that I haven’t found this earlier, I think I will have to buy it just to have it in the collection :) Plus it looks like a lot of fun, even if you don’t fly them you could hang them. They would look good next to the other kites flying in my office :)

Here are some of the kites you can build

More information can be found on the Thames and Kosmos website. here –> Kite Dynamics

Dieppe Circoflex Workshop – Update

Well Saturday started very early! Up at 5:00 am out the door by 5:30 and starting my 2.5 hour trek to Dieppe, NB. I arrived just after 8:00 am and the Rotary Park club house was buzzing with excited kite builders. It was nice to see everyone again and of course we had some new faces which is always a bonus. All the usual suspects were there I won’t attempt to name everyone because I am sure I will get some names wrong:(. The workshop venue provides a lot of light, plenty of room and a cozy fire place too :) After a little socializing and some breakfast it was time to get down to work. The project of the day was to build a 6 foot Circoflex based on Gary Engvall’s plans. Bernie and Peggy worked tirelessly to create all of the kits and modifications. Bernie even went so far as to build a bag for each kite! The main difference from the plan that Gary provides is the type and number of spars. In the workshop kite we used a continuous piece of fiberglass and in the plan it calls for 5 carbon rods. Using the one piece more flexible spar allows the kite to twist into 4 circles and is stored in a 24″ square bag. So in theory you show up at the field and you pull the circoflex out of it’s hand pouch and voila you are ready to fly! Everyone worked very hard and there was plenty of laughter and happy faces. For some this was their first kite building experience ever and it seemed to go very well from them; great.. They’ll be back for sure. By around 5:00 pm everyone was either finished or just had the bridle left to do, and of course there was no wind for our test flight but that never stops a real kite builder ;)

Great turn out, great people, great kite!!

Thanks to the Dieppe Club for having me and a special thanks to Bernie and Peggy for putting this together!

Check out the pictures here

Kite cameras offer special viewpoint

Hey Cris Benton’s in the news in an article on the San Jose Mercury News. The article discusses Kite Aerial Photography origins and the modern day uses for scientific study.

Only problem is you have to sign up to read the article..

Cris Benton’s boyhood kites wouldn’t fly far or long before trees and telephone poles mangled them.

No big loss. They were just paper and wood.

He’s much more careful raising his kites these days. The high-flying, tough nylon and carbon fiber poles carry his digital cameras, along with his hopes of exposing people to a new point of view to understand and enjoy the landscapes around them.

Benton, a UC-Berkeley architectural professor, is part of the re-emergence of kite-assisted photography, which uses cameras attached to kite lines.

MercuryNews.com | 11/06/2005 | Kite cameras offer special viewpoint

Dieppe Circoflex Workshop

The Dieppe Sky Lines kite club is hosting a kite building workshop this Saturday. We will be building a 6 foot circoflex based on plans from Gary Engvall. This is becoming quite a nice tradition for the Dieppe club, this will be our 2nd “sewing” based workshop and I think we will have a bout 15 in attendance. Most probably haven’t sewn before but that’s all part of the fun of workshops. I know we won’t be focused on applique for this project, but since I have made a couple of these before I may just spend most of my time on the design and finish the kite at home. I was thinking of taking one of those tattoo designs that goes all the way around your wrist or neck as the pattern. Maybe something like this..

I will be posting photos of the workshop on Saturday night…


Kite flying leaves powermen in high tension

I guess Jamghat wasn’t as harmonious as the last article would leave you to believe. Again some irresponsible flyers have decided to use wire instead of Manjah. Obviously this type of celebration has been going on for many years and perhaps it’s acceptable. I hope that the flyers wise up to the fact that the great hobby of flying and kite fighting is not worth power outages and personal injury.

Lucknow, November 3: WHILE Jamghat might have brought smiles to many a zealous kite fliers, who got a chance to cut the strings of other kites, the day was not as happy for the powermen and the residents. Despite, warnings given by the administration to the contrary, wires were extensively used, instead of strings, resulting in wire (electric) snapping, feeder failures and ultimately power woes in various parts of the city.

Read the rest of the article here:Kite flying leaves powermen in high tension

Lucknow uses kite flying to promote communal harmony after Diwali

Webindia123.com is running an article on the Jamghat festival in india.

The skyline of Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow is these days dotted with colourful kites as people celebrate “Jamghat”, the traditional kite flying festival that follows a day after Diwali.
A festival, which was started off as a hobby when the city was ruled by nawabs almost a century ago, has now become a tradition which has several keen followers.

The ‘Jamghat’ festival in itself is a remarkable event where people from both Hindu and Muslim communities come together to fly kites, share sweetmeats and generally enjoy themselves. Hundreds of colourful kites fight it out for supremacy over the skyline of the city.


the rest of the article here
Lucknow uses kite flying to promote communal harmony after Diwali – Features News – Webindia123.com

Pakistan Kite Flying Ban – Update II

This article was posted in the Daily Times on Monday October 31, 2005. Needless death caused by irresponsible kite flyers!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Four-year-old killed by stray kitestring

Staff Report

LAHORE: A four-year-old girl died when stray kitestring cut her throat in the Shadbagh police precincts, becoming the first victim of kite flying after the Supreme Court’s ban on the sport.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Aamir Zulfiqar Khan suspended the station house officer (SHO) and beat officer of the police station concerned for negligence.

Aurangzeb’s daughter Tehreem (4) was on her way to the market with her uncle and two elder sisters on a motorbike and Tehreem was sitting on the bike’s fuel tank. When the four reached Nazim Abad, stray kitestring cut Tehreem’s throat. Tehreem’s uncle, Muhammad Ahmed, rushed her to Mayo Hospital where doctors pronounced her dead.

The complete article can be found on the Daily Times website

Pakistan Bans Kite Flying – Update

Well it looks like the Pakistan supreme court ruling is not being inforced by police. Kite flying, and selling is still taking place and along with that comes frequent power cuts. The Daily Times reports that kite flying has caused large financial losses for the power companies in spite of the ban on flying.

I guess from my North American perspective I don’t understand why people are not more concerned with saftey. I am pretty sure I would be electrocuted if I was flying a kite on metal wire and that wire dropped on a 1100 KV transformer. I am also sure that the power utility would have a few words, and fines for me as well.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Kite flying causing financial losses

LAHORE: The district government and Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) have not been able to control kite flying and the sale of kites in the provincial capital. Sources told Daily Times that although several courts had banned kite flying and the sale of kites and related material, authorities concerned did not take administrative action in this regard and the people of Lahore had to face serious electricity problems because of officials’ negligence on Sunday. Grid stations of sub divisions Delhi Gate, Chah Miran, Bhaati Gate and Sabzazar were reported to have been damaged by fire and hundreds of people lodged complaints at Chah Miran, Bhaati Gate and Delhi Gate, but it did not help much because of excessive kite-flying in the areas.

you can read the full story on the Daily Times website.