Monthly Archives: November 2005

Thames & Kosmos Kite Dynamics

Found this really cool kite building kit today. Looks like you can make a ton of different cellular designs, and also appears fairly well built and thought out. I can’t believe that I haven’t found this earlier, I think I will have to buy it just to have it in the collection 🙂 Plus it looks like a lot of… Read more →

Kite cameras offer special viewpoint

Hey Cris Benton’s in the news in an article on the San Jose Mercury News. The article discusses Kite Aerial Photography origins and the modern day uses for scientific study. Only problem is you have to sign up to read the article.. Cris Benton’s boyhood kites wouldn’t fly far or long before trees and telephone poles mangled them. No big… Read more →

Dieppe Circoflex Workshop

The Dieppe Sky Lines kite club is hosting a kite building workshop this Saturday. We will be building a 6 foot circoflex based on plans from Gary Engvall. This is becoming quite a nice tradition for the Dieppe club, this will be our 2nd “sewing” based workshop and I think we will have a bout 15 in attendance. Most probably… Read more →

Kite flying leaves powermen in high tension

I guess Jamghat wasn’t as harmonious as the last article would leave you to believe. Again some irresponsible flyers have decided to use wire instead of Manjah. Obviously this type of celebration has been going on for many years and perhaps it’s acceptable. I hope that the flyers wise up to the fact that the great hobby of flying and… Read more →

Pakistan Kite Flying Ban – Update II

This article was posted in the Daily Times on Monday October 31, 2005. Needless death caused by irresponsible kite flyers! Monday, October 31, 2005 Four-year-old killed by stray kitestring Staff Report LAHORE: A four-year-old girl died when stray kitestring cut her throat in the Shadbagh police precincts, becoming the first victim of kite flying after the Supreme Court’s ban on… Read more →

Pakistan Bans Kite Flying – Update

Well it looks like the Pakistan supreme court ruling is not being inforced by police. Kite flying, and selling is still taking place and along with that comes frequent power cuts. The Daily Times reports that kite flying has caused large financial losses for the power companies in spite of the ban on flying. I guess from my North American… Read more →