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Kite Altitude Record Still In Canada

Just received a news report that the Kite Altitude Record attempt by Robert Moore has failed. This is Robert’s second attempt in the last couple of years.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes (by Andrew Clark)

“It was supposed to be taken by the wind and blown towards the heavens. Instead, it was taken by the wind and battered into submission.

A Sydney man’s attempt to break the world record for flying the highest kite has collapsed – because it was too breezy.

Robert Moore, a 52-year-old health services manager, has spent $40,000 pursuing his dream of launching a home-made seven-metre kite higher than the existing record of 4148 metres.”

The entire article can be found at

I think this means that Canadian Richard Synergy still holds the kite altitude record. In 2000 Richard flew a delta kite at 13,600 feet! More info on Richard’s record breaking flight can be found here.

Rolling in the Mud

For the last few months I find that I spend more and more time over at I have been so happy with the service that I recently signed up for the pro account. Well worth the money IMHO. One of the most attractive things about this photo sharing service is the ability to easily share your photos with other like minded individuals using flickr groups. This is particularly appealing to me as one of my passions in the broad kite field is Kite Aerial Photography and there are not that many of us around. One day I happened to stumble across a group of KAPers posting photos on flickr. Lenny started the KAP group in April 2005 and the group has been a constant source of inspiration for me ever since.

As part of the fun Lenny put out a call for a list of themes that would challenge fellow KAPers to get out and try new subject matter. This has turned out to be a great success. This months theme has me particularly excited, it’s MUD…. Yep that’s right I said “mud”. Here are a few samples of some of the images posted for this month’s theme. Who knew mud could be so interesting! If you are interested in getting started in Kite Aerial Photography be sure to check out the KAP links on the right hand side of my site and visit the Flickr KAP group and say hello.

(click for larger images)

Seacow Head, PEI, Canada

you can check out the last two themese here and here.

Kite Surfer vs. Tree

Saw this news headline about a women in Vermont that got caught in a tree while kite surfing… Darn Kite eating tree

The Burlington Free Press writes

“Dangling 30 feet up in a Burlington tree Thursday, Claire Whelan looked out at sun-splashed Lake Champlain and wondered how the heck she wound up there.

Seconds before, she was standing ankle-deep in the cool waters off North Beach and unfurling a sail for an evening of kite surfing. Participants in the adrenaline-infused sport hold onto a parachute-like sail and ride on a board as they cruise across the water. “

The full story can be read on the Burlington Free Press online edition.

Kites on Ice Cancelled.

The Daily Cardinal writes

“Due to funding problems, Madison Festivals Inc. cancelled the seventh annual Kites on Ice Festival, a popular community event held along the Memorial Union Terrace on the winter ice of Lake Mendota.”

The full story can be found on the Daily

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Cardinal website.

Niagara International Kite Festival Oct 7th-9th

Tomorrow the Niagara International Kite Festival kicks off with the Homan Walsh 1848 kite contest re-enactment at 10:00 AM. Kite teams from around the world will attempt to fly a kite over the Niagara gorge from Canada to the United States as Homan Walsh did in 1848. Homan Walsh was a 10 (or 15

depending on the source) year old boy who entered a contest put on by Charles Ellet Jr, the engineer charged with building a bridge across the Niagara gorge. The kite contest took a number of days and many people entered the 10 dollar top prize contest. After his second attempt in 8 days Homan Walsh successfully flew his kite across the gorge. The kite line was used to pull continuously heavier pieces of rope across the gorge until finally a steel cable spanned the gorge. There is a fantastic write up on the Niagara Kite Festival website with many more details and photos.

The festival runs from October 7th-9th 2005 and will include fliers from the U.S.A, Canada, England, Germany, Israel, Japan, and New Zealand. The festival takes place at Art Park in Lewiston, NY on Saturday and Sunday and the Homan Walsh re-enactment will be between Rainbow bridge and the brink of the falls on Friday. Looking at the lineup of featured fliers this will be an amazing festival. Expect to see some very large kites as Peter Lynn, the builder of the worlds largest kite, will be on hand. Demonstrations of Kite Aerial Photography, Sport kites, Traction Kiting and more will be held on the demo fields through out the weekend.

For those of us that can’t make it we might be able to see some of the Homan Walsh re-enactment on the Maid Of The Mist web cam. This is a pretty good feed but does require you have real-player installed on your machine. (Thanks Carlos Simoes for the link)

PEI KAP weekend

Valerie and I had a little 2 day getaway to PEI this weekend. Now that our friends Scott and Linda live just outside Charlettetown it’s an even more appealing weekend retreat. Valerie and I arrived on Friday night so that we wouldn’t miss a minute of the wonderful weather that had been forecast.

We woke up Saturday morning around 7:30 am and Scott and I headed out to get started taking aerial photos. When Scott and I are together we have a pretty good KAP routine. We use Scott’s Rock Climber Rokkaku and my rig. Scott get’s the kite together while I prepare the rig. Scott flys the kite and I operate the controls. Mind you I have tried to put the controls in his hands but he won’t do it :) I think he is waiting until he finishes his rig. Once we are done I put the rig away and rethrow and wind the line while Scott put’s the Kite away. With this system we can get in the air, take some photos and be down in less than 10 minutes. Continue reading