Pakistan bans kite flying

Kite flying and kite flying bans are hot topic in Pakistan these days. For the last few years there have been calls by activist groups to ban kite flying outright. The issue stems from injuries and deaths caused by the kite line used in the highly competitive passtime, particularly during the Basant festival. Usually the line is manjha or wire; manjha is glass coated line and can cause serious cuts to people as the kite line descends after a kite fight. The line drapes across streets and cars and since it’s so fine it can go unoticed until it’s too late. The wire line causes additional problems, flyers have been electrocuted as the line crosses power lines and even if the flyer is not electrocuted the wire line often results in power outages.

Geo Pakistan news reports

LAHORE: A four-member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan Tuesday imposed a one-month ban on kite-flying and manufacturing, buying and selling of kites.

A bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Mr. Justice Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry had taken suo moto notice of the losses by kite-flying.

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A number of other articles have been published over the past few years regarding the Basant festival, which celebrates the begining of spring, and the tragedy that unfolds each year.

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  1. 28 October, 2005 at 8:51 am

    More information surrounding the Supreme Court’s decision has been reported by the Daily Times

    SC’s suo moto notice: Kite makers and sellers to appear at court hearing

    Staff Report

    LAHORE: A full bench of the Supreme Court (SC), in its detailed order on suo moto action on kite flying, has ordered the manufacturers and sellers of kites and kite string to appear in court at the next hearing in December. The court directed the provincial governments to issue these summons through newspapers and also issued notice to the district nazims, naib nazims, councillors, district coordination officers (DCOs), attorney general of Pakistan and the provincial advocates general to assist the court on the issue.

    more info on the Daily Times website.

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