Kite flyer who cheated death

Littlehampton Today has an article about a 14 year old boy who suffered serious injury while flying his 2.5 m traction kite. The boy was dragged from the beach across the road and into a wall resulting in a 7 day stay in the Hospital. This one was too close for comfort; and of course he wasn’t wearing safety gear. He admits the wind was blowing quite hard but still chose to fly. A 2.5 meter kite isn’t that big, however a 120 lb teenager and a few 25mph gusts and you are in for some trouble.

Littlehampton Today writes

RUSTINGTON mum Christine Elson was stunned to see a teenager flying a kite lifted off the ground by a freak gust, and hurled against a stone wall.

But her shock turned to horror when she realised the crumpled figure lying injured in the road was her 14-year-old son.

Mrs Elson just happened to be passing Littlehampton Swimming and Sports Centre in a car when Aaron Chappell was swept off the beach, narrowly missing a moving car, before hitting a parked van and then crashing into the flint wall next to the road, sustaining a serious head injury.

You can read the rest of the article on the Littlehampton Today website