Another World Record Attempt

A group of school children will attempt to break the Guinness record for the most kites flown simultaneously. I am not sure what the current record stands at but according to news reports they must fly at least 675 kites for a minimum of 30 seconds. I first heard this story from Robert van Weers of New Zealand on the forums. It was pointed out by a few people that 675 kites doesn’t seem like a big deal. Many festivals can have more than that many kites flying at once, and there are reports of thousands of kites flying at once in India.

Guinness has dropped the ball on a number of kite record attempts and this has spurred the American Kitefliers Association (AKA) to start tracking records. In the past Valerie Govig of Kite Lines magazine validated kite records. Since Kite Lines ceased publication no one has been officially validating records. You can find out more about the AKA Kite Records Committee here.

The Manawatu Standard writes

Children at College Street Normal School were hard at work yesterday making kites.

The 200 children, aged seven to nine, will join hundreds of others flying kites at Coronation Park on Saturday afternoon in an attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the most kites flown simultaneously.

you can read the rest of the story on the Manawatu Standard website.