Kite Surfer Airlifted to Hospital

The BBC news is reporting another serious kite surfing accident. I think kite flying and kite surfing is getting a bad reputation everytime one of these stories shows up. Yes there are certainly accidents even for experienced fliers, but it’s those people that are using the wrong kite for the wind, or those who are so new at the sport that they don’t understand the dangers that tarnishes the image of the sport everywhere.

The BBC Writes

A kite surfer is recovering in hospital after crashing on a south Wales beach popular with enthusiasts of the sport.

The man, 35, from the Bristol area, was airlifted to hospital in Swansea after the accident at Aberavon on Sunday.

At the same spot last year a teenager sustained critical injuries in a kite surfing accident.

Coastguards, who helped with Sunday’s rescue, said the man was about 20ft in the air when a loss of wind in his sail caused him to fall badly.

You can read the full story at the BBC.