Rolling in the Mud

For the last few months I find that I spend more and more time over at I have been so happy with the service that I recently signed up for the pro account. Well worth the money IMHO. One of the most attractive things about this photo sharing service is the ability to easily share your photos with other like minded individuals using flickr groups. This is particularly appealing to me as one of my passions in the broad kite field is Kite Aerial Photography and there are not that many of us around. One day I happened to stumble across a group of KAPers posting photos on flickr. Lenny started the KAP group in April 2005 and the group has been a constant source of inspiration for me ever since.

As part of the fun Lenny put out a call for a list of themes that would challenge fellow KAPers to get out and try new subject matter. This has turned out to be a great success. This months theme has me particularly excited, it’s MUD…. Yep that’s right I said “mud”. Here are a few samples of some of the images posted for this month’s theme. Who knew mud could be so interesting! If you are interested in getting started in Kite Aerial Photography be sure to check out the KAP links on the right hand side of my site and visit the Flickr KAP group and say hello.

(click for larger images)

Seacow Head, PEI, Canada

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