Kite Altitude Record Still In Canada

Just received a news report that the Kite Altitude Record attempt by Robert Moore has failed. This is Robert’s second attempt in the last couple of years.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes (by Andrew Clark)

“It was supposed to be taken by the wind and blown towards the heavens. Instead, it was taken by the wind and battered into submission.

A Sydney man’s attempt to break the world record for flying the highest kite has collapsed – because it was too breezy.

Robert Moore, a 52-year-old health services manager, has spent $40,000 pursuing his dream of launching a home-made seven-metre kite higher than the existing record of 4148 metres.”

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I think this means that Canadian Richard Synergy still holds the kite altitude record. In 2000 Richard flew a delta kite at 13,600 feet! More info on Richard’s record breaking flight can be found here.

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