Niagara International Kite Festival Oct 7th-9th

Tomorrow the Niagara International Kite Festival kicks off with the Homan Walsh 1848 kite contest re-enactment at 10:00 AM. Kite teams from around the world will attempt to fly a kite over the Niagara gorge from Canada to the United States as Homan Walsh did in 1848. Homan Walsh was a 10 (or 15 depending on the source) year old boy who entered a contest put on by Charles Ellet Jr, the engineer charged with building a bridge across the Niagara gorge. The kite contest took a number of days and many people entered the 10 dollar top prize contest. After his second attempt in 8 days Homan Walsh successfully flew his kite across the gorge. The kite line was used to pull continuously heavier pieces of rope across the gorge until finally a steel cable spanned the gorge. There is a fantastic write up on the Niagara Kite Festival website with many more details and photos.

The festival runs from October 7th-9th 2005 and will include fliers from the U.S.A, Canada, England, Germany, Israel, Japan, and New Zealand. The festival takes place at Art Park in Lewiston, NY on Saturday and Sunday and the Homan Walsh re-enactment will be between Rainbow bridge and the brink of the falls on Friday. Looking at the lineup of featured fliers this will be an amazing festival. Expect to see some very large kites as Peter Lynn, the builder of the worlds largest kite, will be on hand. Demonstrations of Kite Aerial Photography, Sport kites, Traction Kiting and more will be held on the demo fields through out the weekend.

For those of us that can’t make it we might be able to see some of the Homan Walsh re-enactment on the Maid Of The Mist web cam. This is a pretty good feed but does require you have real-player installed on your machine. (Thanks Carlos Simoes for the link)