PEI KAP weekend

Valerie and I had a little 2 day getaway to PEI this weekend. Now that our friends Scott and Linda live just outside Charlettetown it’s an even more appealing weekend retreat. Valerie and I arrived on Friday night so that we wouldn’t miss a minute of the wonderful weather that had been forecast.

We woke up Saturday morning around 7:30 am and Scott and I headed out to get started taking aerial photos. When Scott and I are together we have a pretty good KAP routine. We use Scott’s Rock Climber Rokkaku and my rig. Scott get’s the kite together while I prepare the rig. Scott flys the kite and I operate the controls. Mind you I have tried to put the controls in his hands but he won’t do it 🙂 I think he is waiting until he finishes his rig. Once we are done I put the rig away and rethrow and wind the line while Scott put’s the Kite away. With this system we can get in the air, take some photos and be down in less than 10 minutes.

    DAY 1

All right so the winds in the morning were nonexistent so we amused our selves by scouting out different locations and trying to fly in what little wind there was. By the afternoon the winds had picked up and we managed to hit 3 spots before the day was out. The first stop was the Argiculture Canada Food Lab in Charlettetown. This was an interesting looking building from the ground and has lot’s of glass roof sections. I used the wide angle 37mm lens on my Kodak digital and got some interesting pics. Next stop was Victoria Park and we got some nice shots of the city and surrounding areas. Then it was onto Brackley beach where we put up a few single liners and flew sport kites for an hour or so. After the break … more kap 🙂 Took some cool shots of the beach and Linda provided some great graffiti in the sand for us to shoot.
Canadian Food Lab - Charlettetown Hi On PEI!
(Click for larger images)

    Day 2

Ok Day 2 we got up slightly later, around 9:30.. ahh the weekend. Then we headed for Brunch and filled up for a long day of photography. We hit 5 places in the afternoon. All but one location was perfect.

Green Gables Historic Site – Great shots, up and down very quickly.
Aerial - Anne of Green Gables

Rainbow Valley – Poor wind conditions no useable shots 🙁

Jurrasic Adventures – Geodesic dome and Space Shuttle
Geodesic Dome - PEI

Cavendish Beach East – great wind, nice bus tour from Georgia.
Cavendish Beach East - Board Walk

Cavendish Beach (cliff area) – good wind, cool shadows
PEI Red Cliffs - Cavendish

Anyhow it was a great weekend. Thanks Scott and Linda for having us we had a great time.

You can see more photos in my flickr photostream.

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  1. saF
    4 October, 2005 at 8:22 am

    I had a blast flying with you this weekend. Thanks Bill, even though you made me get a tear in my Rok Climber! 😉


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