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Flying Kites on Jamghat

The Navhind Times has an interesting article on ‘Jamghat’ a kite festival held in India. Bracing for kite flying on ‘Jamghat’ UNI Lucknow Oct 29: The day after Diwali, the skyline of the Uttar Pradesh capital would be dotted with numerous ‘Chandtara’, ‘Sooraj’ and ‘Tiranga’ as people celebrate ‘Jamghat’, a traditional festival of kite flying. Pareva’ — the day after… Read more →

Pakistan bans kite flying

Kite flying and kite flying bans are hot topic in Pakistan these days. For the last few years there have been calls by activist groups to ban kite flying outright. The issue stems from injuries and deaths caused by the kite line used in the highly competitive passtime, particularly during the Basant festival. Usually the line is manjha or wire;… Read more →


“Angelina” is a kite I built after being inspired by the works of Olivier Reymond of Switzerland and “kelvin” from the forums. I have been looking for a way to transform photographs into easily appliqued images for sometime now and I think I have finally hit on a solution. I have often seen posterized photgraphs of faces and wondered… Read more →

Peter Lynn Kites – Red Letter Day

Just finished reading Peter Lynn’s latest installment of his new letter. He alludes to some exciting changes coming for traction kites of all styles. Something truly new perhaps? Something that will revolutionize traction kiting? Perhaps, but according to Peter’s letter it will be some time before we see all these new innovations hit the market. And now to the main… Read more →

Kite flying : day of the dead

In parts of South America and Mexico November 1st is celebrated as the Day of the Dead. This festival celebrates death by honoring the dead with flowers, food, and kites as well as celebrating life and vitality through children. The celebration originally took place at the beginning of the summer but with the arrival of Spanish Christian priests during the… Read more →

Kite flyer who cheated death

Littlehampton Today has an article about a 14 year old boy who suffered serious injury while flying his 2.5 m traction kite. The boy was dragged from the beach across the road and into a wall resulting in a 7 day stay in the Hospital. This one was too close for comfort; and of course he wasn’t wearing safety gear.… Read more →

Another World Record Attempt

A group of school children will attempt to break the Guinness record for the most kites flown simultaneously. I am not sure what the current record stands at but according to news reports they must fly at least 675 kites for a minimum of 30 seconds. I first heard this story from Robert van Weers of New Zealand on the… Read more →

NIKF Update – The Homan Walsh Challenge

Bob White of the Niagara Windriders sent this excellent report on the 2005 Homan Walsh challenge . Thanks Bob! Monday, October 10, 2005 The Homan Walsh Challenge – Attempting a Kite Crossing of the Niagara Gorge at the Niagara International Kite Festival – Friday, October 7, 2005 Anyone who has visited Niagara Falls can attest to the majesty, grandeur and… Read more →

Kite Surfer Airlifted to Hospital

The BBC news is reporting another serious kite surfing accident. I think kite flying and kite surfing is getting a bad reputation everytime one of these stories shows up. Yes there are certainly accidents even for experienced fliers, but it’s those people that are using the wrong kite for the wind, or those who are so new at the sport… Read more →