MacKay Bridge – Shannon Park, Dartmouth NS

This afternoon I was able to take a few minutes to get some photos of the MacKay birdge from the Dartmouth side. I always say if I get one good photo per KAP shoot I am happy.

In this case this was the best of the bunch IMHO..

I will post a few more later on in the gallery.


7 thoughts on “MacKay Bridge – Shannon Park, Dartmouth NS

  1. Ruby

    This is a great picture, Bill. I would like to see the same location at different times of the year – fall colors, sunsets etc.

  2. Dawn

    What great memories I have of this place.If the walls could talk they would have some great stories to tell.Looking at this picture I can close my eyes and hear the sounds coming from this place.

  3. Debbie Blaney

    I used to live there to and took some pictures, as best I could from outside the fence. It;s a shame its closed up. There are a lot of memories there for a lot of people. If you could, please send me a copy of the picture,at my email address, I would love to have it.

    Debbie Blaney 8H apt 3, Shannon Park 1955-1967


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