Monthly Archives: September 2005

Dom Mee Atlantic Crossing comes to an end

WOW some troubling information on the news and Dom’s website this morning. Looks like the high seas and the little kite powered boat had a showdown over the weekend. Needless to say it appears that the sea has won. Dom is now safely aboard the Canadian Coast Gaurd ship Cygnus and is on his way to St. John’s Newfoundland where… Read more →

Purdy’s Wharf

Purdy’s Wharf Originally uploaded by wdrwilson. Yesterday was another beautiful day and I decided to take some more KAP shots. So Pete, Greg and Alex (Greg’s 2 y.o. son) and I headed out for a few hours. I headed back to the RESL Wind Turbine site but didn’t get any really good pictures. Then we headed down to Purdy’s Wharf… Read more →

RESL Wind Turbine

RESL Wind Turbine Originally uploaded by wdrwilson. Last week we noticed this huge new wind turbine being setup on the edge of route 333 in Halifax. I couldn’t get over the size of it and I thought it would be a perfect candidate for some aerial shots. So today I managed to get out to take some photos. The winds… Read more →